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5 Issues That Can Lead to a Water Heater Replacement

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Water heaters are a vital part of our homes. Without them, doing dishes, taking showers, cleaning, and living becomes incredibly difficult. This unfortunately means that they can be expensive to replace. You will want to take care of your water heater and avoid common issues that can lead to a necessary replacement.

Let’s dive into the common issues that can lead to water heater replacement. Many of these issues can be tackled before they lead to the need for a total replacement. You can find water heater repair in Palm Springs and other cities to help keep your water heater running.


Build-Up of Scale

If your water heater is making a lot of noise as it heats up, the scale may have built up in your water heater. This sediment can damage your tank and greatly limit its functionality. If the build-up is not treated, you may need to have your water heater tank replaced. Calling a water heater technician can ensure that the process is handled correctly.

To deal with the build-up of scale in your water heater, you can try draining the tank and flushing it to remove the build-up. Flushing your water heater regularly is important for its maintenance.

If you are looking for instructions on how to flush your hot water tank, you can follow the instructions here.


Rust is one of the most difficult water heater issues to repair because it cannot simply be reversed or cleaned. Rust can affect both the pipes and the water heater tank.

To prevent rust, you need to make sure the anode rod is replaced when it needs to be replaced. If it is not replaced on time, then it will not be able to prevent rust.

Rust can lead to holes, breakages, and leaks. It can also spread throughout the system, which could lead to even greater problems, possibly resulting in the need for a full replacement.

Leaks Caused by Corrosion

If you notice water accumulating under your water heater, then your tank may leak. Some leaks are easy to repair. Easy leaks could come from a loose pipe or connection. If the connection is loose, you can likely just tighten the connection yourself with a wrench.

Unfortunately, leaks can also be a sign of corrosion. If your tank has corroded, it may need to be replaced, especially if the corrosion has spread and weakened the rest of the tank.


Bacteria can be an easy problem to solve if you notice it early. However, if you do not address the growth of bacteria in your water heater, it can cause long-term, irreversible damage to your water heater.

If you notice foul-smelling water or a bad smell near your water heater, it is best to call a technician to help you treat it before the problem gets worse.

Worn Down Anode Rod

The anode rod in a water heater can attract and collect materials that would lead to corrosion. It will then corrode before those materials can damage your hot water tank. However, at a certain point the anode rod will wear down, so it will no longer function.

If the anode rod is not replaced in time, you can have many of the other issues mentioned in this article. Make sure you check when your anode rod needs replaced to avoid needing a water heater replacement.



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