Beat The Heat with Honeywell Turbo On The Go Portable Folding Fan.


Many of us if not all are still enjoying our vacation time before the summer is over. I myself will be headed out soon one more time with the entire family and I can’t wait. This will actually be the kids last time traveling before they are headed back to school.

Now, I’m all for summer traveling and enjoying some hot weather but sometimes the warm weather can become so unbearable not only when we are traveling but even at my home and yes I have air. It’s like I need my own personal fan sitting on my shoulders at times I be so hot…LOL

Well now Honeywell has created the perfect fan that you can add to your vacation list of things to pack. It’s called the Turbo on the Go! Portable fan.


You can now beat the heat while on- the – go and enjoy any kind activity or just sit back and place your fan in your room. The new Turbo on the Go! Portable fan operates by batteries(4AA) or USB, plus the Turbo on the Go is extremely compact and weighs about a ½ a pound making it easy to fit in any luggage.


With its easy-to-fold and hanging handle, Turbo on the Go will be a must-have accessory to keep on hand, you’ll be able to stay cool no matter where your summer vacation takes you. The Turbo on the Go! portable fan can also be plugged into your car to save battery life, or for when you’re working at your desk or hook it up to your laptop. Better yet enjoy it by the poolside and let’s not forget it’ll be great even at your office!


Better yet enjoy it by the poolside and let’s not forget it’ll be great even at your office!


Honeywell Turbo on the Go! portable fan will be a perfect way to cool down and enjoy summertime.


The batteries also go in the back where there is easy open rear compartment! Once installed, you can turn on your fan from the push button setting in front. Once on get ready to sit back and enjoy your breeze from this quite noise free fan and you can even move the Turbo on the Go! portable fan to different sittings positions.
There is only one speed on the fan and wow do it cool you down fast plus it will save 50%, because of its internal DC  motor. The most important part to me about the Turbo on the Go! portable fan is I can take it anywhere and hang it anywhere, with me having hot flashes I need a fan 24/7 near me…lol!
The Turbo on the Go! portable fan will definitely be packed in my bag before we leave for our last summer vacation! I’m sure well all will get great use of it during these next few hot days ahead of us.
Another Honeywell fan I think you will enjoy is the Honeywell QuietSet® Tower Fan.
honeywellquiettowerThis unique fan is sleek, quiet and powerful and will cool off your whole room. This fan and the Turbo On The Go fan are paired with the QuietSet® technology which will allow users to control their sound and cooling options. The Honeywell QuietSet® Tower Fan packs a lot of cooling power, I have mine sitting right near my window in my bedroom and trust me when I say, and it definitely cooled my room down much faster than my old fan.  Not only is it a quiet , powerful fan it has such a nice designed that will fit into any home décor with its standard black color. Being able to control it from anywhere in my room is also a plus and hey, who wouldn’t enjoy the oscillating feature!
Here are more Spec’s about the Honeywell QuietSet® Tower Fan:

8 Speed Powerful, Quiet Whole Room Cooling

•Sturdy Base
•Easy set up and no tools assembly
•Remote Control
•Dimming feature – 5 lighting selections – On100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0% off
•1, 2, 4 & 8 Hour Auto Shut-Off Timer
•Touch Button Electronic Controls
•Remote Control Nest
•Environmentally Friendly – recyclable box, packaging & product
•1 Year Limited Warranty
Do you know Honeywell conducted a Honeywell Fans “Sound Sleep” Survey this year, here are some of the results:
  1. Across the country, a whopping 85% of Americans have used a fan while sleeping.
  2. Of the Americans who use a fan for sleep, over 8 in 10 say it is for temperature comfort or control (81%). A quarter (25%) of those who run fans while sleeping say they use it for the white noise.
  3. Nearly a third of Americans (31%) who use a fan while sleeping, use it year round and Summer and Spring are the most popular times of year for fan use. Generationally, more Millennials (90%) and Gen X (91%) use fans than do Baby Boomers (82%).
  4. The top three items that Americans say contribute to their best night sleep are bedding (48%), Fans (38%) and Blackout Curtains (25%).
I don’t know about you but if you’re looking for a good on the go fan check out the Honeywell  Turbo on the Go! Portable fan. We still have many hot days ahead of us so why not be ready to enjoy a cool breeze while on the go or at home.
You can also check out the Honeywell QuietSet® Tower Fan, it has so many great features that will keep you cool throughout the rest of the summer.

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