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Know When Your Furnace Needs Replacing

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If you live in Toronto, you know all too well that being caught with a broken furnace in the middle of a Canadian winter is not only uncomfortable – it is also dangerous if you are without heat for an extended period. It is critical that one is always on the lookout for the signs that a furnace is failing so that you can call a licensed professional to replace the furnace when the situation arises. Making sure that you familiarize yourself with the top appliance repair experts in Toronto before disaster strikes is a great idea and may save you a tremendous amount headache when trouble rears its head.

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One of the top signs your furnace needs replacing is when you start hearing strange noises. While all furnaces make some noise, you want to be on the lookout for any excessive rattling or banging sounds coming from the furnace, as these are both signs of a failing furnace. Another noise that should trigger a call to a professional is when you hear the furnace continually cycling in and out.

Another component of your furnace to keep a close eye on for a sign of trouble is the pilot light. A healthy furnace will produce a constant bright blue flame. If you notice the flame is flickering or the flame is yellow, you should call a licensed professional to evaluate the situation immediately. A yellow pilot light could be a sign that your furnace is leaking gas and you should quickly shut down the furnace and call a professional. A gas leak in a home can turn into a dangerous situation – if you live in a rental and don’t have access to the furnace, get your landlord to show you where it is so you can inspect it from time to time. If your landlord is responsible, they will also check on it from time to time or a pay a licensed professional to do so.

If you are always adjusting the thermostat or you find one room is hot while others are cold, it may be time for a replacement. Anytime a furnace is unable to distribute the warm air efficiently, it is essential to have the furnace checked. If the air is not distributed evenly, you will also most likely notice an increase in your energy bills as your furnace will be working harder.

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In addition to being on the lookout for these tops signs of a failing furnace, regular maintenance and service checks will help catch any problems early and extend the life of your furnace. Most furnaces built in the 20th century are  pretty sturdy and should last a long time, they will just need a bit of love from time to time in order to remain useful.

If you live in the Toronto area, you will want to make sure you have an experienced expert on hand to call in the event of an emergency during a harsh Canadian winter. When researching professionals, who you may want to hire in the future, be sure to pick one that is available 24 hours a day for emergencies as you never know when disaster can strike.



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