5 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Pro to Take Care of your Trees


Gardening is nothing but a passion for most people – planting trees and flowers in the backyard is their favorite thing to do. After all, who doesn’t love nature and greenery?

Planting seeds and growing trees are the finest gesture towards preserving the environment. However, handling grown trees is nowhere near easy; rather it is an expert’s call. While you might be able to easily handle all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants, taking care of trees is a different ballgame altogether.  Therefore, to ensure the health and strength of your trees, it is often best to look for a tree service near me.

Trees need love and professional care to grow and make your outdoor space look appealing. Some potential signs are enough to get a professional to look after your trees.

Here are 5 signs that indicate that you should seek expert help for your trees:

  • Risk of Falling 

The weather nowadays in most places is unpredictable and you never know what could happen next. Every tree has strong roots but not strong enough to withstand storms and heavy rain showers. If you witness trees shaking or bending downwards whenever there’s a strong wind, consider it to be a sign that they could fall any time soon.

Bad weather conditions weaken the roots of trees, as a result of which they suffer from the risk of falling. This can be more threatening as it sounds because if a huge tree falls down, it could do more damage than you can imagine. Haven’t you seen people getting severely injured as a result of a tree collapsing?

So, here’s what you can do about it: Right after a heavy rain shower or a storm, call an expert who would check the health of your tree. They can also tell you about the chances of its survival. Alternatively, you can call an expert before the start of the monsoon season for a tree inspection. It can help you get rid of all the trees that have low chances of survival, avoiding any risk of falling or collapse.

  • Dead and Damaged Tree Branches

Even if you take extra good care of trees, there are some branches that die. You’re not at fault here because, at times, they are placed in such a position that the rays of the sun are unable to reach them. Due to this, it is impossible for them to survive without sunlight.

Hence, if your tree is not letting sunlight pass through to reach all its branches, it’s a call for a pruning session. Pruning is a very effective procedure that enables sun rays to reach every single corner of the tree, strengthening and improving its health as a result.

Removing dead tree branches is essential for the health of the tree. An arborist would also recommend you to get rid of damaged and broken branches as they incite several diseases and pest infections. You must have seen ants and bees making their hub on a dead tree branch. Surprisingly, these pest infections can spread on your whole tree in no time, destroying the entire tree. Therefore, it’s important to inspect your trees and look for help whenever you notice something unusual like this. In the worst possible scenario, it can lead to the destruction of neighboring plants too.

  • Uncontrollable Root Growth 

Some people are passionate about gardening, but they don’t have enough space, as a result of which they end up planting trees very close to their homes. If you have done something like this, then you need expert help or else it can turn into a big problem.

It’s important to know that when plants grow, they spread their roots deeper into the ground to maintain a strong position. The larger the tree, the more uncontrollable its roots are, especially if they’re planted right next to your house. This could create some serious concerns because the foundation of your house could be at a risk due to the spreading of roots.

Before things take a drastic turn, inspect and notice unusual changes. Trees growing and expanding very close to your house is alarming enough to call an expert and get it sorted. Don’t try controlling the damage yourself because these things are best handled by professionals. Only arborists know how to remove these plants, without causing any potential damage. Also, it is always a good idea to refrain from planting trees very close to your house.

  • Long Tree Branches 

Once branches start to grow it becomes impossible to manage trees single-handedly. They are huge due to which you need to seek help for their maintenance. Remember, like every other thing, trees also call for routine trimming and pruning sessions.

While sitting under the tree, you might come across a long branch poking your head. Consider this as a potential sign that your trees need pruning from an expert. It’s essential to cut these branches or else they’ll remain hanging, which is not healthy for the plants.

Sometimes, these branches grow so long that they tend to touch the electric poles and wires, creating problems. Moreover, if you don’t carry out regular trimming sessions, long branches can start to reach the doors of your home very quickly. These long branches may also get in the way of other plants, restricting their growth.

Arborists would resolve these issues by chopping these branches, allowing you to enjoy the shade of the tree and ensuring the tree stays in good shape.

  • Oddly Shaped 

We all know trees are living things but obviously, they can’t speak for themselves. Due to various reasons, when a tree grows, it may sometimes choose to grow in a unique manner and end up becoming oddly shaped. So, if you think your tree is not growing in the right direction, it’s a sign that you need an expert to get it removed.

By odd position, we mean it’s leaning towards on one side of the ground or it’s bending forward. Sometimes, you may have come across trees with branches on one side only. For a fact, this is not how a normal tree is supposed to and thus, it is best to get an arborist’s help.

Additionally, not only is an oddly shaped tree a threat to your house, but also for other residents in the neighborhood. People are often scared to walk past by a bent tree, considering it can fall at any moment. Moreover, it also hinders the growth of neighboring trees and plants because it may get in their way. All these issues are enough to seek professional help.


All in all, you might be an amazing gardener, taking perfect care of your trees, yet there are some issues that do require the help of an expert. Rather than trying to find a solution yourself, it is better if you let an expert handle certain problems because they have the skills and expertise to do so. Failure to seek help from an arborist at the right time can completely destroy your trees. Keep these 5 signs in mind to know when to hire a pro to take care of your trees.



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