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5 Fabulous Christmas Presents To Create Using Your Sewing Machine

Sewing machines and their associated technologies have come a long, long way since their initial invention in 1818, and nowadays, there is a wide plethora of types and brands of sewing machines—all with their own individual and specialist functions.

Here, for your information, are some ideas for fabulous and affordable Christmas presents to create, all enabling you to use your sewing machine to its maximum potential.


1.   An Apron

The added benefit of making an apron for the baking or cooking fanatic in your group of friends is that you do not need any kind of pattern to make one. Another bonus of choosing to make a Christmas apron is that you are able to make one in virtually any fabric you already have, therefore negating the need to fork out for more fabric and enabling you to make use of extra bits of fabric that are lying around the house that would otherwise be wasted.

2.   Cross-Stitch Portrait

A personalized gift combines the two most-appreciated elements of the ultimate Christmas present—the thoughtfulness and time it takes to create such a gift from scratch, and the fact that it is specific to the recipient. For this reason, creating a cross-stich family portrait is the easiest and most impressive way to tick both boxes, and is one of the best presents you could possibly create with your sewing machine. For the ultimate effect, be sure to include any beloved family car, dogs, bunny rabbits, and even babies yet to be born within your design.

3.   Christmas Stockings

Traditionally, there is no more heart-warming and altogether Christmassy feeling than opening a present of a handmade, initialed Christmas stocking on Christmas morning. For extra points and, providing you have the time and the resources, consider making a set of stockings: one for every member of the family. To claim your place as the year’s most generous, thoughtful gift-giver, use your sewing machine to make a smaller stocking for the family dog, cat, or bunny rabbit to ensure they are not left out of the action!

4.   Gift Bags

Instead of the present being handmade, why not choose a variety of different Christmassy-themed fabrics to make homemade gift bags that your loved ones can keep forever, or else utilize again and pass your hard work off as their own!

To ensure you have the best selection of quality fabrics and tools, it is strongly advisable that you purchase from a professional, knowledgeable, and reputable source. For example, you could search for arts and crafts supplies London, and always remember to buy slightly more fabric than you think you need, just in case!

5.   Christmas Pillows

Perfect for children and adults alike, a beautifully handmade, plump, and cozy Christmas pillow portraying a traditional, snowy scene is one of the most wonderful and altogether magical gifts you can give this Christmas. Alternatively, create a reindeer silhouette on a cream or light-gray background and use red pompoms to add texture to Rudolph’s red nose!




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