Embrace the Freedom: 5 Bad Fashion Rules We Won’t Stand Any Longer


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Everyone who’s read a history book has wondered ‘what kind of strange people those ancestors of ours were’ at least once. Well, fashion traditions and rules might not be as pressing as slavery and witch hunts, but they also need to be broken when they become outdated. You can do away with quite a few of them today, and become freer and happier for that.

5 Outdated Fashion Rules to Break Right Away

1.      Matching your shoes and bag

You’d be surprised with how many people still have this ridiculous matching rule still wired into them. Some even go as far as to add belt into it.

Today this kind of uniform color in accessories makes you look outdated instead of well-coordinated. What you need is something bold, like red shoes with a silver clutch and a little black dress. If you want to match something, get a hat to match the shoes or jewelry to match the ornaments on your belt/bag. But you don’t really need any of this as the main rule of today’s fashion is to combine items that complement each other and your style.

2.      Wear classic jewelry only in gold or silver

While there is no doubt that no one would say no to having a few gold and silver pieces with diamonds and other precious gems, only a few can afford this. The good news is that the terms ‘classic jewelry’ today has transformed to describe the design only, instead of design and material.

Today you can find many elegant pieces that are affordable and can be worn with more formal outfits, like the Moonglow Classic Necklace with black Swarovski crystal in pewter. As long as the piece matches your style, outfit, and the occasion, the materials it’s made of do not matter.

And while we’re at it, you can mix metals today, so wear your yellow gold with silver and pewter and anything else it looks good with.

3.      Not combining basic dark colors

For thousands of women and men the world over this rule remains rock-solid. Not combining black and brown, or navy, or dark-gray, or any other color that is used as a ‘basis’ for an outfit. The generally accepted rule is to pick a single (usually dark) solid color and complement it with bold accents.

Well, today you can wear any colors you like in nearly any combinations. As long as you make a well-balanced outfit, it doesn’t matter what colors you bring into it, unless they clash horribly. So, if you want to wear that navy jacket with a black dress – do so. You can make the outfit look truly stunning by adding navy thighs and black shoes into the mix. Or go for a navy belt, the point here is to wear more than one piece in the other basic color, so it doesn’t look out of place.

4.      Never wearing tights with peep shoes

That is a rule that has been discarded only recently, but every girl who has a stunning pair of peep shoes is happy to see it go. They are so happy, this has become a new fashion trend.

The only rule to observe here is to ensure that no seams show from under the shoe as that is just unseemly. Otherwise, you are free to wear your favorite pair of peeps and feel comfortably warm while doing it.

5.      Wearing shorts only in the summer

Much like peep shoes, shorts can be combined with tights, and sweater, and boots. So, no need to pack up your favorite piece of clothing waiting for the warmth to come. You can bring some warmth back to your soul while wearing the outfit that will remind you of the glorious summer, but be warm enough for a winter day.

The generally accepted rule is to pick a single (usually dark) solid color and complement it with bold accents like pink or red.


  1. I Love All These Rules !!!! Matching Purses/shoes.No way Would i Would never Wear Shorts in the Winter My Legs Would Look like Snow YUK !!!!

  2. Thanks for the tips and pointers on looking chic, lovely and fashionable. I really enjoyed your awesome review.

  3. great tips, my sister always tells me i’m not supposed to wear blue and black but i never saw an issue with it..i never mix brown and black though

  4. I can very honestly say that I dont follow any fashion rules. My life is about my son. And I can only buy clothes that fit. Long as they fit … I cant complain. I am a single mom …

  5. I will only wear shorts in the spring and summer seasons. I can’t take the cold.

  6. never heard of google vr until now

  7. Well, today you can wear any colors you like in nearly any combinations. As long as you make a well-balanced outfit, it doesn’t matter what colors you bring into it, unless they clash horribly the statement I had 20 years ago

  8. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  9. Rule 5 – I will only wear shorts in the summer as living in upstate NY it’s too frigid to wear them in winter. Rule 1 – only recently have I stopped matching the color of my shoes and bag.

  10. These are some great tips! I sometimes wear shorts in the winter, but only in my house.

  11. I love that it’s acceptable these days to combine black & brown! I was a bit iffy about it at first, but now I rock it! Thanks, great article! 🙂

  12. Interesting tips, I’m not much into fashion.

  13. Thank you for this great information! This will be very useful. Thank you!

  14. This is great information for me. I can never keep up with all the new fashions. This will help me in my outfits. Thank you so much for sharing

  15. Great post! Fashion is constantly changing, those rules or anti-rules doesn’t apply only for women, men also have their industry. I like to express myself with my underwear, I I particularly like the ones from Hunk2 https://hunk2.com/ because they are daring and creative. No rules there, only fun!

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