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Understanding Fashion, Style, And Brand Importance

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Clothing affects a lot of aspects of life in more ways than you might think. Humans started to wear clothes in order to survive the changes in the weather. Just like a lot of things man-made, clothing evolved into something more than an item for protection. Because of its daily usage, it is also used as a decoration, symbol of status, and someone’s personality. In the modern world, a piece of clothing is now used as a means of expressing one’s self.

With clothing’s evolution, fashion and style also appeared in different human cultures. Fashion and style are two words that are often used synonymously but has two different meanings. In this article, the difference between fashion and style will be discussed.

The Importance of Brands
Although the difference between style and fashion are vast, the two are often affected by one more factor: the brand. When it comes to products, consumers really do care about the brand most of the time. In clothing, watches, bags, shoes, and accessories, a brand is an important factor in one’s style. There are a lot of brands available in the market right now. Each clothing brand can affect someone’s impression about the wearer.

People with similar taste in a style often shop in similar stores. However, those who don’t want to use a lot of money on shopping or are budget-oriented usually try to shop in different shops and brands. Apps made shopping a lot easier nowadays. Sites like Modvisor even provides shopping through different brands that fit the consumer’s style. See stores where people shop like you at

Luxury brands tend to be regarded in high value, and thus, the wearer of the brand. Bags like Louis Vuitton and Hermes tend to represent more value while those branded as Michael Kors will fetch lesser value. The brand represents the quality of the materials and methods of production that are poured in the object.

Style or Fashion?
Style is often misunderstood and causes confusion. This term really refers to the ability to choose different pieces of clothing that perfectly represent how we see ourselves. Style is more permanent and is more inclined to the personal identity of the wearer. As the personality of someone changes throughout the years, their taste of style usually goes along with the changes.

Fashion, on the other hand, is the trend that becomes popular in a certain area because of one particular event. For example, cowboy boots became more popular again because it is revived as a trend in recent years. While style changes with the user’s personality, fashion changes every year through different trends. Fashion usually changes along with the crowd’s interests.

If you want to follow the fashion trend, all you have to do is wear one of the trending clothing in a certain area. For example, there are different kinds of cowboy boots available in the market. It is now up to your style if you want to wear a pair of traditionally colored boots or if you want to have fun experimenting in colors.

The Role of Style And Fashion In Self Expression
The best scenario that shows the role of style and fashion in self-expression is through the typical high school scenario. You will often be able to know who are the upperclassmen and who are the freshmen through the difference in style. Women in their freshmen years might find it compelling to wear girly dresses because it is a part of the transition. But as they age and find their personality and preferences, their way of expressing themselves also changes. And in this example, those changes gravitate to how they see themselves.

The fashion trend decides what kind of clothing would be “in” for the year. Clothing that is in a trend tend to be worn more often throughout the year. This trend also includes hairstyles and accessories. Right now, the use of tie-dyed clothing is very popular among females. Tie-dyed clothing is used in dresses and shirts. There are some great tie-dye key techniques that you need to know for making really interesting shirts.  There is also a utility fashion trend where denim boiler suits and combat trousers are worn. Leotards and ruffles are also an option. Depending on how someone wants to express herself or himself, he or she will always find an interesting fashion trend that suits his or her style.


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