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How to Have Younger More Youthful Skin

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Nearly all women and some men over the age of thirty want to take extreme care of their skin.  When we start hitting our thirty’s the effects of our youth and lack of skin care start to show.  The skin care industry has taken note, and in 2018 globally people spend over 134 billion dollars on skin care regimens and products.

The quest to look younger and have youthful skin is nothing new.  But in recent years with the advancement in technology, there are more and more products and medical procedures that have noticeable effects.  Below are some tips to keep up with the latest trends that work.

Eat Healthily

The first thing you should consider is your daily food habits.  We all know we should eat healthily but eating healthy has an effect on our skin.  Having a diet that is high in vegetables and fruits can not only be healthy it’s good for your skin.

You probably have been told over and over to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.  But that is a very general guideline, and everyone has different bodies and lifestyles.  For example, if you spend more time outside in the heat, your water intake should be much higher.  The thing to note is drinking water does have significant impact on how your skin looks.  So instead of going for a soda grab a water bottle instead.

Chemical Peels

A peel is pretty much like it sounds.  Chemicals are used to remove some of the cells on the top layer of your skin.  This helps remove blemishes and bring out the smoother youthful skin hiding beneath.  Prices for peels will vary from location to location and the specific type of peel and add-ons you receive.  However, typically you can expect to spend $70-$150 for a chemical peel.

The Ivey Day Spa explains what an advance chemical peel is, “Exfoliation is the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, and has been used for many years to help maintain the skin.”


If you have wrinkles around your eyes and forehead Botox can be a miracle treatment.  Probably one of the fastest and best ways to smooth out the wrinkles.  There is no set price for Botox because every case is different.  Some people receiving the treatment may need less or more than others.  Botox is sold per unit so you will need a professional to help you determine what the right amount is for you.

Viva Day Spa offers Botox in Austin, and their websites explains, “You will see a noticeable improvement within 7-14 days of treatment, with results lasting 3-4 months.”


One of the most neglected things you can do for your skin is added sunscreen when you go outside.  The effects of the sun are powerful.  Nothing can age someone faster than those that are always in the sun.  It’s great if you start getting into a routine early in life, but it is never too late too.  If you are going to your kid’s baseball game ensure you have enough sunscreen on to protect yourself from the UV rays.

Betty Holman, a Texas mother of three, says, “I spend a lot of time outside with my children, and I notice a difference in my skin when I forget to apply sunscreen.  The short term effects of the sun dries out my skin and makes it look older.  I have been more disciple recently by using products that have SPF protection.”

Anti-aging Cream

This one feels almost silly to mention because so many women use anti-aging cream already.  However, not everyone does, and it should be a part of your routine.  It is important to note there are several different types of anti-aging cream and for different times of the day.  The most important thing to remember when applying the cream is to ensure you wash your face good before using it.



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