5 Awesome tourist attractions in Cebu City

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Cebu City is a great tourist destination for lovers of nature and tours.  From the people, food, cultures, energy and beautiful sites, Cebu City offers you a wonderful vacation and needs to be among your top places to visit in your travel plans. Located in the Visayas in the Philippines, the city has great historic sites and amazing beaches. Some of the awesome tourist attractions include:


1. Cebu Heritage Monument

Tourists with a passion for historical sites will marvel at the beauty of this monument. The monument is the work of Edgardo Castrillo, a national artist and is located on the original Plaza Parian in Colon Street. The history of battles fought, revolutions, and invasions in Cebu city are all available at this monument. Structured with key historical figures such as crosses, ships, and churches, the monument tells centuries of history and tales.

2. Oslob whale sharks

Oslob is one of the top spots in Cebu that guarantees viewing and moments in the water with whale sharks. Swimming with the whale sharks is a common activity in Cebu. Although whale sharks are considered to be dangerous marine animals, these particular whale sharks have found a home among the fishermen around Cebu who feed them. Since they do not migrate like other fish, the whale sharks can be seen at any time of the year.

3. Kawasan Falls

The falls are one of Cebu’s magnificent tropical beauties. Kawasan is known to be one of the most famous falls on the island. Tourists can easily navigate from canyoneering and finish the tour in the Kawasan falls. The falls are also a day’s trip from the city and tourists can come spend the day or stay overnight in the rooms available at the site. The other falls in the city include Tumalog Falls, which are located near the Oslob whale sharks.

4. Colon Street

A walk down Colon Street is a great way to spend your vacation in Cebu. The street is one of the oldest streets in the Philippines Named after Cristobal Colon, famously called Christopher Columbus; the street has a lineup of markets and many establishments. Tourists can locate malls and vendors where they can buy the necessary shopping requirements that they need during their vacationing period. Accessories and items such as jewelry, clothing, shoes, and backpacks can be bought as souvenirs.

The food is also great to taste and tourists can capture memorable moments in the colorful market and mingle with the locals.

5.    Mountain View Nature Park

Kids are no exception in Cebu and tourists who have traveled with their kids can also get to have a wonderful time. Malls in the city are great places to take your kids for ice-skating, arcade games and children’s playground activities. Apart from visiting some of the most popular malls in Cebu like SM mall and Ayala Center, tourists can visit the Mountain View Nature Park, which has a water playground for the kids and tropical views of the hills for the parents.

Cebu City offers tourists with much more than the awesome attractions listed above. Southpole Central Hotel’s guide on Cebu tourist spots provides you with the best tourist attractions that you can visit while in Cebu City. Contact them for more awesome suggestions.


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