8 Ways to Show Your Besties Love on Your Journey to the Altar

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The people you choose to stand up with you in your wedding are champions. The dress shopping, fittings, bridal showers and last-minute calls to the vendors are just a few of the many duties your bridesmaids may be expected to undertake. While they may fulfill the tasks lovingly to ensure you the most memorable day of your life, the job does could have some issues along the way. The following are 8 ways you can shower your besties with love on your journey to the altar.

Be Respectful

Planning a wedding can be stressful for a bride. Your bridesmaids are there to ensure the health of your mental and physical wellbeing. While this can be a loving gesture, you want to ensure you also have their back. Be respectful that they have a life outside of your wedding. When you’re scheduling fittings, plan around their work day. You may even ask for a consensus on the best times to meet to go over plans.

Shower Them with Thanks

You can find unique gifts for bridesmaids that will showcase your appreciation and not break the bank. You can start by making the presents meaningful such as personalized totes, cosmetic bags, necklaces or bracelets. You should also write thoughtful and personal sentiments on the card attached to the gift. While you may have a lot on your planning plate, don’t wait until the last minute to shop. Make sure you put some serious effort into choosing the right memento for your bridesmaids.

Talk of Things that Are Non-Wedding Related

The upcoming nuptials may be top priority in your mind. But there may be other things going on in the lives of your bridesmaids. Whether it’s an important business meeting, new love interest or family issues, be a supportive friend by keeping the conversation also centered on your attendant’s lives.

Ask for Their Input

Even if you’re intent on your vision of what you would choose for bridesmaid dresses, you want to ask your wedding party attendants for their input.  Remember, you’ll have to cater to a variety of shapes and height levels. You want your attendants to feel comfortable in what they wear. The dresses should also look good, so you should have them try on a variety of styles.

Offer Some Direction

If you’re laid-back and want your bridesmaids to find a dress that best suits them, at least offer some direction about the style and dress code. If you’re having a formal affair, guide them toward dresses suited for evening wear. You may also be planning a beach wedding. While you don’t want them to show up in bikini’s, offering a suggestion of sandals and sundresses can prove helpful in the selection process.

Make Them Feel Like a VIP

The people you ask to stand up for you are going to put in a lot of money, time and effort. They may even be looking forward to your special day almost as much as you. You can make them feel like a VIP by recognizing them. Start by posting their photo’s and information on your wedding Internet site. If you’re planning to hand out programs at the ceremony, include their names. You also want to give them a special shout of thanks at the reception when giving your speech.

Be Mindful of Their Spending

Weddings can be quite costly. While you may have been saving for this special day well in advance, you don’t know how financially sound your attendants may be. To prevent skyrocketing costs, be mindful of your spending. Add up the money spent on the dress, shoes, accessories, showers and bachelorette parties. You can keep expenses to a minimum by doing your research on the most affordable places to purchase goods. If you’re planning on having your attendants get their make-up and hair styled, it’s a thoughtful gesture on the part of the bride to pay for this luxury.

Be Clear with Your Expectations

Not everyone has been asked to stand up in a wedding before. Although you may assume your bridesmaid know what’s to come, you want to be clear with your expectations. Provide a list of duties that you may need assistance with and divvy up the jobs fairly. If they have a conflict, they will have plenty enough time to bow out.

You want your closest friends and family members to be at your side as you make your way down the altar. But the experience of a bridesmaid is not always the most enjoyable, especially if you have a bridezilla on your hands. That’s why you want to shower your besties with love as you prepare for the big day.


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