Simple Steps to Sleeping Better

Lack of sleep has a direct correlation to poor mental health, unhealthy food choices, and a deterioration in poor physical health as well. So it makes complete sense that when you fall short on sleep, you will feel the impact, and not in a good way. We know that getting a good night’s sleep is more likely to make us healthier overall, but why are so many of us struggling to get a good night’s sleep? If you’re a parent, then there is an obvious reason (or three) why you might not be getting a solid deep sleep. But even with that in mind, there are still things that can be done to make sure that the hours that you do get are of a good quality. Then you can at least feel better, even if it is broken a little.

With all of that in mind, here are some habits that are a good idea to get into, to help you to sleep better. It won’t be the case of ‘one size fits all’ with this, but you can adapt it to your situation and your needs.


Get in Sync

Our bodies all have a natural sleep and wake cycle, and it is a really important strategy for sleeping better. Being able to get in sync with this kind of thing can help you to feel much more energized and refreshed after a night’s sleep than if you are not working with your body’s natural rhythm. Avoiding sleeping in and going to be at the same time each day, even at the weekend, is a good way to get into this rhythm.

Create a Comfortable Space

Even if everything else is set up for a good night’s sleep, if the bed that you are sleeping in isn’t comfortable, and the bedroom environment isn’t cozy, then it can hinder your ability to sleep well. Sites like The Clean Bedroom share reviews on mattresses and so on, so doing some research into the best sleep environment, including your mattress and bedding, could be a good idea. Making sure that the room (and your body) is at a good temperature is a good idea as well; too hot and it can be difficult to sleep and too cold and you can wake up a lot. So think about your bedroom environment when it comes to the quality of your sleep.


Control Light Exposure

Melatonin is a natural hormone in our bodies that is controlled by exposure to light. It can help to regulate the natural sleep and wake cycle that you have. When it is dark, your brain creates more melatonin than when it is light, and this makes you sleepy (and also explains why winter and short days can be tough for many). So to monitor this, make sure that you are getting outside each day, and exposing yourself to as much daylight as possible (even on grey days). Let natural light into the home, and if you really do suffer, then consider something like a lightbox.



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