4 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

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Through consistent aesthetics and the practice of trending topics, building engagement can become a more effective task, when thought strategically.

Most marketers understand the importance of having an Instagram account. The platform is used by 37% of American adults, as well as by brands that want to connect with this audience. This has made it an excellent location for digital advertising, so much so that speculation estimates that the platform will receive up to $ 15 billion in ads in 2021.

In this hypercompetitive scenario of social media, having a well-defined strategy and knowing all aspects of Instagram are the key to standing out from the crowd, after all, on Instagram alone, we have about 928.5 million users. And engagement is the measure of whether people are attracted to your profile!

We separated 4 tips that we apply daily in creating content for our customers. Through them you can improve the chances of increasing your engagement, with or without ads.

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  1. Establish your visual brandAsk yourself: what makes your profile memorable? Are you using the amount of time and resources you have well?Setting the parameters for the visual identity of your Instagram profile will help you save time, as it will provide an easy set of guidelines to be followed for future content.- Pay attention to the formatting of the feed and stories on Instagram;- Have a pattern for use of the brand in the signature of the pieces;- Bet on brand-specific graphic elements (such as borders and font styles);

    – Invest in the use of emojis and special characters.

    Defining them in advance not only facilitates thinking about what to create for your future posts, but also emphasizes a consistent image in your audience’s mind. That way, whenever they see one of your posts in the feed, people will be able to immediately associate it with your brand – the account name is not necessary for this reminder.

    2. Keep the aesthetic consistent from the colors

    Do you want your brand to look professional? How about minimalist and modern? Fun and quirkiness can also work – it all depends on what has been defined in your digital marketing strategy. As on Instagram one of the focuses of stimuli is visual appeal, content that is more pleasing to the eye receives great rewards.

    At some point, however, Instagram content can look very similar. To combat this, reinforce your brand colors. The more creative the better. Vary your posts by adding a border with the brand or using strong contrast on another. The idea is to make a diversity of posts that look functional, different, but that are linked by similar elements – in this case, color.

    Having a good editing app makes this significantly easier. But don’t forget to apply this to your Stories posts as well!

    3. Practice “social listening”!

    By keeping an eye on current and future trends, seeing what people are saying about your brand and building a community through interactions, you are already practicing what we call “social listening”.

    This strategy has the potential to trigger your engagement, allowing you to find the heart of the conversations of the target audience. Posting about the right things at the right time, with the right context, keywords and hashtags, can take you to the epicenter of a trend.

    Instagram already has a number of built-in features that can help you accomplish this. An update recently allowed you to view Instagram stories by branding your brand in “Creator” mode, which you can click to view and share easily. It is much more convenient than letting notifications accumulate in Direct.

    The Explore tab also shows some of the platform’s main hashtags and the posts that accompany them; and you can quickly see who are the main influencers in your industry.

    4. Effectively use available resources

    To assess how much engagement you are getting and find ways to improve it, you need to make use of the necessary tools. Using these features backed by social media marketing software saves your time, making content creation quick and easy.

    Here are a few that we recommend you try:

    Buffer – One of the most popular social media tools on the market, Buffer is an extensive scheduling tool that also allows you to manage multiple accounts and team settings.

    Iconosquare – Iconosquare is an analysis tool for Instagram and Facebook, excellent for those who want a more granular view of the regular performance of reports.

    Made – Do you want to create great stories on Instagram without much fuss? Made is a photo and video editor that



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