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Babies grow up so quickly. Before you know it, they are no longer lying on their tummy, staring into a mirror. Once they get moving the game changes. They are curious. They like to explore. And they get into everything. Childproofing your home is mandatory.

“Help make your home a safer place for every member of the family with Safety 1st products specially designed by the experts.”

September is Baby Safety Month, so I’d like to share with you some baby proofing essentials from Safety 1st, and how they can help you protect your child on the move.


Lift & Lock Swing Gate: 

safety1st 4Crawlers love steps. It’s a fact of life. Yet, it takes a while for them to learn how to actually use them, and until then, steps pose a hazard. Whether you want to prevent your child from tumbling down from upstairs, or from going up to begin with, the Lift & Lock Swing Gate can help. It also can be used between rooms to stop your child from wandering in – say, when you’ll be needing to take something out of the hot oven.

It features the option of pressure mounting it (great for between rooms) , or using the hardware (ideal for the top of steps)- making it perfect for every situation. An easy top handle makes it simple for parents to get by it and adjust it. And, it features an indicator to show you if it’s properly locked.

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Lock away dangerous items (or things that can be ruined easily too) using these versatile latches. They work on drawers or cabinets and are easy for mom to open because of the wide grip, but not baby. Open the cabinet or drawer halfway, and it latches onto the top. Press down to open it.


Lock away foods, dishwashers, and microwaves with these easy-to-install latches, They will keep your child out of trouble, and give you peace of mind.  It installs in seconds using a simple adhesive.

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Furniture Wall Straps: 

It  may be the most neglected part of childproofing, but furniture MUST be attached to the wall. Your little infant, will soon be a little monkey, and climb onto everything. Heavy furniture can tilt, and results can be tragic. Prevent this by using wall straps to attach dressers, bookshelves and cabinets to the wall.

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Safety 1st furniture wall straps make this easy. Canvas straps are strong and reliable. Includes all installation hardware and is easy to install.

Sooner than your realize, your child will start standing. Protect the edges of your furniture to soften head-bumps and prevent boo-boos.

Safety 1st foam edge bumpers are easy to install AND remove when you’re done with them. The plush foam totally softens the blow, and they are easy to customize and cut to size. Use them on tables, counters, or any hard edges.


Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit: 

Want a jump start on your childproofing essentials? This kit has everything you need to get started – including twelve of the cabinet and drawer latches above. It also has four doorknob covers to keep your child out of off-limits spaces, such as the bathroom, or rooms that are not childproof. It also helps keep your child indoors at that age when they like to explore. This kit has in it 30 Secure Press Plug Protectors to keep little fingers out of those holes. They attach to your appliance cord so that you always have one handy when you’re done using the outlet, and they are easy to remove without chipping fingernails, by pressing on the button to release.

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Creating a safe home for your child is not a difficult task, but is an important one. With the right equipment and childproofing essentials, you’ll get the job done without a hitch!

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