4 Modest Dress Styles For Women

Some of you may think that modesty and fashion were two different variables that are simply hard to match. That’s because fashion and style have always been associated with revealing designs, small fabrics, and sparkly outfits. Thus, some women may find it challenging to look fashionable while looking modest at the same time.  

Over time, as technologies become more advanced, so does the fashion industry become more advanced as well. Fashion designers ultimately found their way into creating dresses and starting trends that can win both modesty and fashion. Now, women can be stylish and fashionable even with modest styles. Sometimes, all it takes is proper mixing and matching of different clothing pieces, and there you go, you can be modestly chic. 

From choosing the fitting skirt and dress to incorporating the suitable layering options. There’s always a particular art of maintaining modesty while keeping up the fashion trends. Luckily, it’s an art that you can quickly learn as long as you have the right guide and the right tools. To know more, read on below the four modest dress styles for women.

        1. Long Sleeve Pleated Dress

The easiest way for a woman to wear a modest style is by rocking a long sleeve pleated dress. Pleated dresses are often monochromatic or simply one-patterned. It’s so effortless to look elevated and fashionable when wearing this one. This type of style may also be similar to clergy dresses like this one as they both have long sleeves and knee-high skirts. So, you can never go wrong with looking modest while putting on this one on. 

As a finishing touch, you can pair your pleated dress with high boots or stiletto heels. People can never tell how little time you only spent putting all these together.  

        2. Slip Skirts

You may be surprised how skirts have reached a spot on this list, but the thing is, you can create a modest dress out of slip skirts. Don’t worry, playing with slip skirts are easier than you thought. The best thing about slip skirts is their versatility. They can be used for formal attires, business attires, and of course, modest attires. They are also perfect for both daytime and nighttime fashion.  

When it comes to modest fashion, finding the ideal top for your skirt can be challenging. If not chosen wisely, your blouses or even sweaters may look sloppy or bulky. Sometimes, modest tops may be associated with long sleeves, t-shirts, or turtlenecks. To achieve that modest and chic look, pair your slip skirts with printed shirts, textured tops, or body-skimming fits. If you want to go for a complete monochrome look, then style it with a sculptural skirt. If dressing modestly for the fall season, you can easily pair slip skirts with knitted sweaters. Slip skirts can also work with different shoes, such as strappy sandals or open-toe heels, as long as it works well with the top that you matched it with.

        3. Jacket Dresses

Jacket dresses are a thing. They’re specially designed for modest fashion so you can never go wrong with them. Not only they’re for modest dressing, but they also they work very well for events, celebrations, and even meetings. Another feature that women love most about jacket dresses is their ability to highlight your body figure while still looking modest. Jacket dresses are best paired with stiletto heels or open-toe heels. It does depend on which event are you wearing this dress for.

       4. Fishtail Hem Pencil Dress

Another fashionable way to dress modestly is by wearing fishtail hem pencil dresses. They’re effortlessly stylish, chic, and they’re worn primarily for formal and proper events. Thus, it can easily be considered as a modest dress. There are various types of fishtail hem pencil dress, so make sure to pick the dress that doesn’t feature too low-cut neckline or spaghetti straps.  

Instead, go for the other versions of this dress which features a turtle neck or a long sleeve. Some fishtail pencil dresses can be very sexy, so you need to be very watchful when wearing them for religious or serious events. Make sure that it’s a knee-length or lower. If you’re naturally curvy, you can wear a jacket over it to balance the look and draw more attention to the overall outfit rather than the curve.

Wrapping Up

Dressing modestly is no way near about being dull, boring, and unattractive. Modest fashion is all about perfectly putting together different layers of dresses creatively. This way, you can show off your personal style and how you play around with lengthy dresses in a chic way. If you’re new to this fashion type, these tips will help you with a good start and improve your fashion style. Always remember that fashion should be celebrated, embraced, and must be a fun experienced. Play around with your favorite accessories as a finishing touch to your modest dress and design a chic distinction.



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