6 Tips For Improving Your Fashion Sense and Style

College guys didn’t have to do too much to look good because looking “good” in college typically only entails taking a shower and remembering to put on pants. Now that your college days are over, you’re likely working on serious relationships and pursuing your career. It’s time to upgrade your style.

Here are some excellent tips and tricks for improving your style and fashion sense:

  • Get rid of all those college clothes. Go through your closet and get rid of just about everything. If you’re serious about improving your style and looking your best, you need to donate or toss out all your old college clothing. Even though 95% of Americans wear t-shirts, you’ll never be taken seriously in a professional setting in an old, stained Coors light t-shirt. You can keep a few of those old shirts for working out or mowing the lawn, but other than that, get rid of them and get some nice clothes.
  • Make sure your clothes actually fit. Just because you’re wearing fancy clothes now doesn’t mean that you actually look good in them. You can look bad in a $1 million suit if it’s too tight or too big. Rather than spending a ton of money on clothes that might not fit, find clothes that look nice and make sure they fit right.
  • Take better care of your general hygiene. Again, you could be in the most expensive clothes in the world, but if you have a scraggly beard, unwanted nose hairs, and bad breath, your style is gonna go way down. According to a Statista survey, 18% of respondents reported using beard care products every day. Tend to your beard, put some product in your hair, shower, brush, and floss every single day!
  • Careful with too many accessories. Wearing chains, jewelry, big belt buckles, armbands, and more can come off as tacky and aggressive. That being said, you should still rock an accessory or two like a nice watch and a great pair of sunglasses. Elton John has the world’s largest collection of shades with a rumored 1,000 or more pairs. You don’t need to have that many sunglasses, but keeping a nice pair or two can certainly help boost your style.
  • Get some dress shoes and shine them up. Since you already got rid of all your old logo t-shirts and raggedy shorts, you might as well upgrade all your worn-down sneakers with actual dress shoes. Every guy should own a nice pair of black dress shoes and brown dress shoes. It’s important to keep them looking nice with a shoe shine, as well. “They may not be the first thing you think about,” says designer Billy Reid, “but a fresh shine makes all the difference.”
  • Dress for the setting. You should be wearing nice suits, but not all the time. All your clothes should be nice now and you should have outfits for various situations. You could be heading to a formal event or a lazy Sunday afternoon at a coworker’s house — make sure you’re rocking the right clothes.


Most importantly, you need to be authentic. No matter what clothes you’re wearing and what event you’re going to, just be yourself and you’ll feel confident and fashionable.



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