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Important Things to Know Before Diving into the Scalp Evolution Treatment

If thinking about getting SMP or scalp micropigmentation like the Scalp Evolution procedure to fill the hairline, a little “heads up” might be helpful. It can be understandable that using messy foams and temporary solutions for hair loss can be tiring and even a bit frustrating. Before getting Scalp Evolution, here are some need-to-knows one should consider before setting that first appointment.

Scalp Evolution is a Permanent Procedure

Scalp Evolution is generally considered a permanent hair loss solution. Once Scalp Evolution has been undergone no daily creams are needed to be applied or monthly maintenance appointments to be kept.

Scalp Evolution Does Not Hurt

A lot of clients of Scalp Evolution report that the procedure is not painful although it may be a little uncomfortable at times. Undergoing a Scalp Evolution procedure is much less painful than getting a traditional tattoo. During the procedure, a needle is used to apply pigment and this needle is extremely fine and small. No lingering pain or discomfort is reported by clients once the treatment is done though. Each session of the Scalp Evolution usually takes between 2 to 4 hours to complete. The Scalp Evolution artists are trained to be gentle and can allow clients to take breaks as needed.

Scalp Evolution is Not a Real Tattoo

Often there arises some confusion about the several terms used to describe Scalp Evolution or scalp micropigmentation. Some refer to the procedure as a “scalp tattoo” or “hairline tattoo” although nothing can be farther from the truth.

The pigments used in a Scalp Evolution procedure are cosmetic. The process of Scalp Evolution as well is under the category of permanent cosmetics. Some clinics have their technicians use pigments that contain no additives or additional colorant; thus, it will not discolor over time (although they may lighten a bit).

Scalp Evolution artists and clinics do not utilize traditional tattoo machines during the process to apply the micropigmentation pigments. They make use of machines that are specifically designed for micropigmentation instead. The needle as mentioned before is finer and smaller than that of a traditional tattoo procedure. The Scalp Evolution needle applies a single micro-dot of the pigment into the skin at a precisely right depth.

Scalp Evolution is 100% Effective

Unlike other options for hair loss, the Scalp Evolution procedure is 100% effective. It will work for anyone, at any time. This can be a huge relief for many individuals that have tried as many topical medications and cosmetics that only work below 10% of the time even when used daily. The Scalp Evolution treatment is a cosmetic procedure that will yield the look of a short buzz cut for anyone having a hard time with hair loss.

Clients can choose their Hairline with Scalp Evolution

Naturally, clients who have undergone Scalp Evolution procedures might worry about how they will look after the treatment has been completed. Make sure to ask the clinic staff for before and after photos of their previous clients to get a better grasp of what results to expect. During a clinic consultation, ask the resident practitioner and discuss with them the hairline options ideal. Often, the Scalp Evolution technicians can provide a computerized simulation of how the client will look with specific hairline styles.

Clients of Scalp Evolution treatments may opt to have a naturally imperfect hairline or choose a much straighter one, or one that is more modern in style. During the first few sessions, clients can discuss any changes and concerns they have with the style and the artist can adjust as the sessions go. By the second or third treatment session, the resulting hairline will have to begin to take shape.

Things to Avoid Taking Before Scalp Evolution Sessions

Clients of Scalp Evolution must remember to avoid certain substances before their sessions. These things include alcohol and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like aspirin which are classified as blood thinners. Scalp Evolution technicians may also advise their clients to not drink any energy drinks, coffee, or tea before their appointments as these liquids can also act similar to blood thinners.

Scalp Evolution Clients Can Still Grow Their Hair Out

The Scalp Evolution procedure is intended to mimic the look of a head that has been closely shaved. Maintaining the look after the procedure does require frequent shaving of the naturally growing hair. If for any reason a client prefers to let his/her natural hair grow longer again, they can. The Scalp Evolution procedure does not affect natural hair growth in any way. Remember that in this procedure the micro-pigments are applied around the existing hair follicles to simulate a fuller look where hair is absent. The pigments are not applied inside the hair follicles. For a more consistent look though it is recommended for clients to keep their hair short although this is entirely up to them.

Scalp Evolution Procedures are Reasonably Priced

A Scalp Evolution scalp micropigmentation procedure commonly costs between $2,88 to $4,000 depending on the clinic. This amount may be worth it for what the Scalp Evolution procedure can offer compared to the cost of hair replacement surgery, or a lifetime purchase of creams, foams, and wigs.

Scalp Evolution and What Happens When Clients Get Older

Scalp Evolution can be an ideal treatment choice for those looking for a permanent, affordable, and effective solution for hair loss. When compared to hair transplant surgeries, the Scalp Evolution procedure costs less and is less invasive as well. Additionally, clients are left with an achieved short, buzz hairstyle without the scars.

A lot of interested, prospective clients may be wondering what will happen when they get older after a Scalp Evolution treatment. With age, hair naturally turns grey at some point. With Scalp Evolution, grey hair does not affect the appearance of the hair pigments.

Most people’s hair starts to turn grey at around 40 to 50 years of age although some people may have them earlier or later depending on genetics. For Scalp Evolution clients, the natural grey hair pigments will not be as apparent, especially when the micropigmentation is appropriately maintained. Remember, hair only show gray when it’s allowed to grow longer.



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