How to Take Your DIY Game to the Next Level 

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Are you working on the list of things you want to do more of in the new year, and you’re not sure what fun hobbies and activities you want to include? If you’re someone who loves crafts and DIY, why not set the goal of getting better at DIY and doing more cool projects to enhance your home? DIY is a fun way to express and expand your creativity and just about anyone can do it if they’re willing to learn. I was able to advance my DIY skills over time. There are so many ways we can level up our DIY skills and get better at crafting, and with the help of YouTube tutorials, some of the most advanced projects become easier to accomplish. Here are 4 ways that you can improve your DIY hobby in the year ahead. 

Thrifting and Upcycling 

Some of the greatest DIY projects begin at the thrift store! There are so many unique and interesting pieces that you can find and transform with some basic DIY skills. There’s a reason why upcycling is a DIY staple, it’s a fun way to bring new life to an old piece, a way to recycle stuff and to add your own unique personality to them. The furniture that perfects a home can be found just about anywhere, and if you make it a habit to visit your local thrift store, you’ll be surprised at how many things you will find that actually pair well with the brand-new pieces you buy. Imagine buying the nicest and most stylish piece of wall art , and then finding a great side table or chair that you can upcycle and complete the look. Mixing old and new like this can have a really incredible effect on your home, and make it look and feel more well-designed. 

Advancing Your Power Tool Skills 

One of the best things you can do if you want to raise your DIY game is something that doesn’t just enhance your crafting, it also boosts your home improvement skills. Knowing how to use tools like drills is important and it makes so many DIY projects easier to do. Getting comfortable with tools like a drill will help you with everything from putting up new curtain rods, floating shelves, blinds, hooks to put up artwork and changing hardware on things like drawers. You can advance your skills even further by learning how to use a nail gun and even a circular saw. Power tool mastery is also the thing that will allow you to move up to projects like building your own furniture pieces. Most things require a saw to cut the wood, and drills and nail guns to connect the pieces and create furniture that’s solid and structurally sound. If you can get better at handling power tools, you can instantly raise your DIY game and make even the most complicated projects feel more doable and within reach. 

Cane Webbing 

Cane webbing furniture is a huge trend right now, and even though the furniture is beautiful it can be quite pricey to buy it brand new. Cane webbing isn’t expensive however, if you can buy it for yourself and then add it to a piece of furniture. That’s why DIY cane projects are all the rage right now. You can easily buy rolls of it on Amazon and install it yourself with a staple gun. You can change the backings of chairs, enhance a shelf by adding doors that are covered in cane webbing, and you can elevate a boring headboard into a beautiful boho-inspired piece. 

Epoxy Resin 

Epoxy resin has become a DIY favorite in the last few years, and that’s because it takes a relatively simple process to create some really great pieces. From beautiful coasters to trays, epoxy resin crafts are so beautiful you can even give them as gifts. All it takes is the epoxy resin, a hardener which you mix together and then apply to a mold or on top of a flat surface like a table or a tray. Just remember when it comes to epoxy resin, caution is key. You have to wear protective gear like safety glasses, gloves, a mask and do your projects in a well-ventilated space. 

Making your own things and improving your own home is a very rewarding experience, and once you have certain skills in place, there’s so much you can create! Going into the new year, consider taking your DIY skills to the next level with power tools, thrifting and upcycling and using cane webbing in your projects. You’ll be able to make things that are truly stunning and special, and impress your family and friends with all you can do. 



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