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4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana You Might Not Know About

In recent years, the general social perspective on what a marijuana user looks like has dramatically shifted. The stereotype of the “pothead” teen sitting in a basement eating junk food has been challenged time and time again. Now, there is statistical evidence and reasoning behind the shift. As more research supports marijuana use for medical purposes, we’re now seeing vast health benefits that this controversial plant can provide.

While some medical uses are commonly known like marijuana’s positive effect on seizures and anxiety, studies have emerged in recent years that show other nuanced ways to utilize marijuana in the name of health. Awareness of its health benefits has been spread across the country, and more and more states are following this example of decriminalization. Medical marijuana has been legalized in many states, even for recreational use, like in New Jersey. Patients with diseases that can be treated with marijuana can obtain a medical marijuana card online.

Here are 4 of the lesser known benefits of medical marijuana you might want to remember the next time you see weed for sale.


1. Link to Glaucoma Treatment

While weed is still not a commonly available across most of the country, the drastic shift in positive mentality towards THC is paving the way for more exposure. And for good reason! One prominent connection that studies have unearthed recently is marijuana’s potential to fight and ease symptoms of Glaucoma.

Various studies have suggested a strong link between the prevention and treatment of Glaucoma to marijuana use. Glaucoma, which can lead to loss of vision through increasing pressure in the eyes, affects many people and does not have many natural methods of prevention or treatment. Now, there is hope that medication can be derived from a chemical compound in marijuana that will lead to lasting prevention of the disease.

2. Improved Lung Capacity

Smoking has long been associated with depleted lung capacity and other insidious lung related issues. But in recent years, researchers have unearthed information that suggests there is actually no correlation between pot smokers and poor lung capacity. Surprisingly, there is data showing the exact opposite!

Marijuana users have actually proven to have a higher lung capacity and no harm to their lungs even after smoking marijuana long-term. This is a drastic difference when compared to the lung health of tobacco smokers and raises even more questions that require continued research.

3. Can Hinder the Spreading of Cancer

Perhaps some of the most profound research revolving around marijuana use yet, clinical studies have shown that derivatives of the plant can be used to prevent the spreading of cancer cells. Both THC and CBD have been shown to slow, and in some cases even shrink, the cancer cells of brain tumors.

While tests have mostly been conducted on a micro level in science labs, the findings urge scientists to continue digging to develop a standardized method of utilizing the chemical compounds in marijuana to fight cancer

4. Shown to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Folks suffering from bowel diseases such as IBS and Crohn’s Disease spend the large majority of their lives either in pain or catering their actions to avoid pain. While medicine is available, and there are some holistic treatment methods to ease symptoms of these diseases, people suffering have to give the condition so much of their time and attention that it can become all consuming to manage.

There have recently been connections made between marijuana use and the easing of various inflammatory bowel diseases. Because marijuana can reduce bodily inflammation, pain is lessened when the plant is used strategically. Additionally, THC has been shown to make intestinal cells tighter and less permeable. While more research is needed on the subject, the findings thus far are promising.

With so many potential benefits to medicinal use of marijuana, there is very good reason to use the plant to our benefit as a society instead of casting it aside. Even though research is largely in early stages, with more visibility and time we can continue to unearth the miraculous nature of the marijuana plant.


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