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Addiction Recovery: 7 Obstacles That Stand Between the Patient and Their Sobriety

There is no denying that addiction recovery isn’t going to be a serious challenge. There are bound to be moments when a patient will have to overcome certain obstacles.

Going through a professional recovery program, such as detox in Austin, for instance, will improve the chances of achieving long-lasting sobriety. It also helps to understand the potential obstacles that can often stand between the patient and their sobriety.

Dealing with feelings of shame or trauma 

Withdrawal can often rely on alcohol to numb any feelings of shame or trauma they feel about their situation.

It is common for someone who is going through rehab to feel challenged about their situation once they are being asked to cope without drugs or alcohol.

A certain amount of bravery and commitment is going to be needed to overcome these feelings.

There will be a need to develop new coping strategies

Achieving sobriety is much more than getting used to not being dependent on drugs and alcohol anymore.

Patients will need to be prepared to develop new coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety levels.

There is a need to build and establish new relationships

One of the biggest challenges is often the task of repairing damaged relationships with loved ones and forging new friendships that can promote a more sober lifestyle.

This process can take a long time and it plays a pivotal role in establishing a new life after addiction.

Contending with the potential for relapse

Another major challenge to face up to is the potential for relapse. The detox journey is rarely straightforward when it comes to trying to cope with cravings and feelings of anxiety.

It needs to be remembered that no one is perfect and there are going to be bumps in the road on the way to a full recovery.

The threat of boredom can be a major obstacle

Following a structured rehab program will keep interest levels high. The problem can come when returning home and trying to maintain a sober lifestyle.

This can induce feelings of boredom. It is important to take on new activities and interests to relieve boredom and keep everything on track.

Finding a sense of purpose

It is often the case that someone who has successfully negotiated drug or alcohol rehab may reach a point where they struggle to find purpose and meaning in their life.

Understanding that these feelings might come and taking action to negate them can make a huge difference to the recovery process.

Achieving a successful transition into a life of sobriety

A major obstacle that any patient is likely to face is the challenge of trying to make a successful transition from addiction to sobriety.

Assuming more responsibilities and developing some new coping, strategies will help achieve a successful transition.

Addiction recovery is always going to present a series of obstacles that need to be negotiated. Understanding what lies ahead can make all the difference in achieving a successful outcome.



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