3 Important Postpartum Health Tips for New Moms

New moms often put all of their efforts into taking care of their baby — and while babies certainly need and deserve all of the love and care, moms need to take care of themselves, too. Postpartum is often a challenging time, with 15% of new moms experiencing postpartum depression and all moms dealing with changes in their bodies and health. So what can women do to take care of their health after giving birth? Let’s take a look at a few important postpartum health tips.

Eat the Right Foods

While it can certainly be difficult to get a bite in when taking care of a newborn, diet and nutrition play a key role in postpartum healing. After the baby is born, it’s important to try to eat plenty of foods that are rich in nutrients. Foods like cucumbers, sweet potatoes, nuts, and fruits all contain a ton of good nutrients. These can also be relatively easy and quick foods to eat, which is essential for new parents. So instead of grabbing sugary snacks that will make you feel good at the moment, try to eat foods that will make you feel good overall. In the end, these nutrient-rich food choices will help you heal and feel better.

Get Enough Rest

New parents seldom get enough sleep between feeding, changing, and snuggling their sweet baby. But it’s crucial that moms try to get a good amount of rest. Sleep and rest are important to help the body heal, produce energy, and help with mental health as well. So try to sleep when the baby is asleep or when you have a friend or family member over to help babysit. While it’s true that 40% of parents say their children spend at least three hours every day on digital devices, adults are just as guilty of this. Instead of spending time on social media or doing other mindless tasks, take the time you have to get some adequate rest.

Do Some Exercise

New moms are often tempted to lounge around the house with their baby — and while they certainly earned the rest, getting some light exercise can be quite beneficial. Exercise can help in a number of ways, even helping with other female health conditions, like premenstrual syndrome. Light exercise, like walking, yoga, or simple stretching can get your blood flowing, improving circulation and promoting healing. Exercise is also great for your mental health because it releases endorphins. It can also be great to simply get out of the house and go for a short walk to get a change of scenery. So as long as your doctor says it’s okay, consider taking some time each day to do some light exercise.

After having a baby, it’s important to ease back into your normal routine and take the time you need to heal. So keep these tips in mind to have the best postpartum recovery possible.


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