Why Aren’t Vitamin Supplements Working for You?

Vitamin supplements can be a beneficiary addition to many people’s healthy lifestyles. They help to bridge some gaps in your nutrition and give your health a booth. However, many people take vitamins and struggle to notice a difference in their health. It’s easy to take a supplement and not receive the full benefit of it. If you want vitamin supplements to be part of your life, you need to approach them in particular ways. Getting it wrong could mean that there’s no point taking them. You’ll just be throwing your money away. Have a look at some of these reasons vitamins might not be working out for you and how to improve things.


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 You Don’t Know Why You’re Taking Them

 One of the things that might be getting in the way of your vitamin success is not knowing why you’re taking them. Vitamin supplements can have different purposes, and you should know what your aims are before taking them. Some people take extra vitamins if they want to improve their looks, for example. They can tailor their vitamin choices to get them shinier hair or softer skin. Other people focus more on their health when they decide to take vitamins. If you don’t know why you’re taking vitamins, you need to decide what your priorities are.

 You’re Using the Wrong Vitamins

 If you don’t know why you’re taking vitamin supplements, you probably won’t be taking the right ones. Many people will choose a generic multivitamin and hope that it’s suitable for them. However, everyone can have different needs when it comes to taking extra vitamins. For example, it’s a good idea for men and women to take different vitamins. Women need help to get sufficient amounts of calcium, whereas men usually don’t. Speaking to your doctor or a nutritionist can help you work out what you need. Some people might have a vitamin deficiency they need to correct. For instance, both men and women need vitamin K2, but in varying levels.

 Your Body Isn’t Absorbing Enough

 Sometimes you can be taking the right supplements, but your body isn’t benefiting from them. It can be difficult for you to take in a lot of the vitamins that you take. Breaking down vitamin pills and tablets can take a long time. Your body ends up not absorbing all of those vital nutrients. Some people say that for improved vitamin absorption, you should take liquid vitamins. Using them means that your digestive system doesn’t need to break down any pills. So you can absorb the vitamins faster.


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 You’re Relying on Supplements

 Vitamin supplements are called supplements for a reason. You should be using them to supplement a healthy lifestyle, not relying on them entirely. Don’t forget that you need to eat well to get many of the nutrients you need. Vitamins are one thing, but there are other minerals and things to give you energy that you need to consume. Regular exercise needs to play a part in your healthy lifestyle too.


Taking a multitude of vitamins won’t suddenly make you healthier. You need to ensure you take the right ones as part of a balanced way of life.


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