3 Components Will Make Your Essay Brilliant

As you advance in your formal education, you will be required to write essays by your subject professors. The further you advance in your studies, the more demanding and complex the essays will become. It is thereby necessary to learn at an early stage how to improve writing skills how to write best essays that accomplish specific objectives and present your ideas clearly. Below are some practical basic writing techniques and tips that will help you write consistently brilliant essays.



The main purpose of the introduction is to state your position on the subject at hand and provide a “road map” of the essay. An effective introductive paragraph must begin with a “hook,” which grabs your reader’s attention, and makes your reader want to read on. Examples of attention-grabbing hooks include surprising statistics (“seven out of ten clinicians report that…”) or relevant quotations (“no man is an island”). Your introductory paragraph does not need to be more than four or five sentences in length.  If yours exceeds the standard four to five sentences, you might want to consider trimming it down a bit!

How to Get Writing Skills

  1. Expand your Vocabulary

You need good, active vocabulary to express yourself clearly. This does not only mean being able to identify a lot of words – but being able to use them appropriately. Expand your vocabulary by learning new words as used in sentences and not just word lists

  1. Read Regularly

We learn how to write by reading. By reading, you can get a gist of the different writing styles and see how to use words appropriately. That means that you should combine reading and writing skills.

  1. Master English Spelling

You must know how to spell words. Incorrect spellings change the meaning of your sentence. For instance: ‘bear’ and ‘bare’ sound the same, but ‘bear’ is an animal whereas ‘bare’ means naked. Further, incorrect spellings make it difficult for your reader to understand the context of your sentence.

  1. Improve your Grammar

Grammar is crucial because it improves the quality of your essay. Ensure that you use the proper tense and punctuation. Punctuation makes your writing fluent and clear.


The thesis is a theory or statement that is presented as a premise to be proved or maintained. It should be stated explicitly at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis serves as the road map for the essay, alternatively stated, it tells your reader what to expect from your essay. To write a successful thesis:

  • Avoid burying the thesis in the middle of the introductory paragraph.
  • Be specific and concise; avoid vague words.
  • Avoid sentence structures such as “The purpose of this essay is…”

Supporting Points

Supporting points are the pieces of proof that confirm your stated points. There are evidence which supports claims and strengthens your paper. If your paper does not have enough supporting points, you need to revamp your thesis or write a new thesis. You must dedicate a separate paragraph for each supporting point. These paragraphs work together to provide evidence, illustrate, and explain a single supporting assertion. The word requirement of your essay will determine the number of supporting points that you will include in your essay.

Final Step is Verdict

The final, and one of the most critical components of your essay, is the verdict. This is the point in your essay whereby you need to reiterate your thesis. Do not reiterate your thesis word for word as you have written it in your introductory paragraph, instead, paraphrase it, but ensure that it does not lose its meaning. Make your final stance known to your reader and ensure that your reader concurs with the assertions you have made throughout the essay.

How to Make Connection

A house cannot be constructed without a blueprint; likewise, an essay cannot be composed without a plan. After you have written your introduction, incorporated your thesis, and used supporting points to write the body, you need to make a connection by tying all the elements of your essay together. You may feel like this is a tiresome process, however, providing a summary of the main points of your essay, and connecting them to your thesis is a seamless way to conclude your essay.

Check before Handing Your Essay In

Before you submit your essay to your subject professor, ensure that you check it for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors. Such errors can take away from an otherwise stellar essay. You can make use of online software that detects spelling and grammatical errors. Or, you can seek assistance from a friend or family member who will help you detect you any errors that you may have made during the writing process. Normally, it is difficult for a writer to identify his or her own errors which is why a pair of fresh eyes can be beneficial in scanning your paper for mistakes.

Essay writing is a dreaded task among many students. However, you do not have to be one of them because the list above provides specific methods to advance your essay writing. When followed carefully, the techniques and guidelines provided above will help you compose an impactful essay that will fetch you a high grade from your professor. Good Luck!


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