3 Advantages Of Getting Paternity Tests For Children

There are many advantages of getting paternity tests for your children. Find out more information on why you should start getting the testing done soon.

Almost 300,000 paternity tests are performed in the United States annually.

That number might surprise you since paternity tests are often thought of as a taboo subject. But, the reality is that many families are using them each year to prove a child’s lineage.

There are many advantages to getting paternity tests for your children. Keep reading to find out more information on why you should start getting the testing done soon.

1. Receive Financial Support 

DNA paternity testing is often used to help a mother receive her entitled financial support. Paternity tests provide proof if the father isn’t listed on the birth certificate or if someone is questing your child’s identity.

When it comes to child support cases, mothers often need to provide legal evidence to the courts. If the father is not currently contributing financially, with a paternity test, the courts can require a certain amount of financial support each month.

Sadly, there are cases in which a child’s father dies. Your child is their next of kin and now entitled to either social security benefits or insurance payouts. But in order to receive the benefits, a paternity test is often required.

2. Provide Accurate Medical History

Knowing the identity of a child’s parent becomes important when it comes to medical history.

Ever wonder why the doctor always asks for your parent’s and grandparent’s medical history when you have an appointment? Many medical conditions are passed genetically from parents to their children. Knowing the family’s medical history can tell doctors if your child has a higher chance of certain conditions.

For example, if your child’s father had a stroke at a young age, a doctor would keep track of your child’s heart health as they age. This is also true for certain cancers and diseases. With conditions like these, early intervention provides a better chance of survival and recovery.

3. Promote Family Relationships

Another advantage of getting a paternity test for your child is the chance for meaningful family relationships.

Experts say that children who have a father figure in their life are less likely to become criminals and are more likely to succeed in school. Even if there is another father-figure in the picture, you should still give your child a chance to develop a relationship if they choose to.

But if the father isn’t in the child’s life, knowing their father still helps give your child an identity. With this information, they can create a family tree, learn about their ancestors and their heritage.

Paternity Tests Give You Peace of Mind

Paternity tests provide you with peace of mind that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

With a simple paternity test, you can receive the financial support you’re entitled to. Identifying your child’s father also provides an accurate medical history. And most importantly, when a child knows their father, they can develop a healthy relationship with them.

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