2017 Valentines Day Guide Featuring Melissa & Doug,

Welcome to our 2017 Valentines Day Guide. Here you will see many great products for that “Special Valentines Day” loved one. You will see gift ideas for Moms, Dads, Kids, and your pets! We will also share links to each product so you will be able to grab these great products! Today we are featuring the Melissa & Doug!

Now when it comes to Valentines Day we all know the tradition has always been sharing flowers and candy and to be honest there is nothing wrong with that tradition! But, this year you can add something different for that special  little one in your life!

You see, Melissa & Doug has an array of awesome plush animals, wooden toys, arts & craft, educational toys, games, and much more. Founded in 1988 in Melissa & Doug  basement, and in Doug’s parents’ garage, they have now expanded their products in-house in Wilton, Connecticut, by a team of designers led by Melissa. To this day Melissa & Doug has been producing great quality products for customers like you and me!

No matter what you select from Melissa & Doug collection of toys this Valentines Day, your children will be so thrilled! Every toy, game, educational toy, and plush toy will surely have a special place in your child’s heart!

So, lets begin by showing you what we wanted to share with you this Valentines Day from Melissa & Doug.

First we have the Chef’s Kitchen – Charcoal


When it comes to imaginary playing, this kitchen would definitely be the best toy to start with. If you have that little chef who seeks to become that culinary chef someday this will be just right for them no matter if he is a boy or girl. I know many may say, these types of toys are not for boys , well I beg to differ because there are many well known chefs( Gordon Ramsay) out in the world today that I’m sure started off playing in the kitchen.

The Chef’s Kitchen – Charcoal lets your kids bring their young imagination of cooking to life right in the comfort of their own home. This beautifully crafted wooden kitchen is modern, innovative and fun, you see the this chef’s kitchen includes a refrigerator/freezer with an innovative working ice maker that dispenses two included “ice cubes,” an oven and stovetop with dials that turn, microwave with turning plate, sink with moving faucet and handle, grocery check list, movable hooks, and ample shelving  for easy storage and cleanup.  The kitchen stands approximately 3.5 feet (1 meter) long and more than three feet (0.9 meters) high and being that it is made of wood, it’s a very sturdy, well made kitchen. I’m sure your children will have years of playing time with the Chef’s Kitchen plus it is also available in Pink & White. It is also recommended for ages 3-6.

Pssst,  you can also make their cooking experience even more fun with this cute Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costume Set.

So if your little one is ready to get their cooking grove on, hop on over to Melissa & Doug website to grab this awesome kitchen for your daughter or son so it can arrive in time for Valentines Day! Adult assembly required.

Next we have from Melissa & Doug one of their cute Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse 

When it comes to dollhouses you better believe even the quietest girl will blossom with a smile. This Valentines Day you can share this Melissa & Doug dollhouse with your daughter.

The Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse is well constructed and is also handcrafted. Your child will be able to pass this dollhouse to her little siblings because of the good, sturdy, quality material Melissa & Doug used to build this dollhouse. Little girls all over the world will love this dollhouse, it comes complete with a family of five, folk-art style dolls and 19 pieces of all-wood furniture. It’s perfect for children ages three and up, plus it will offer your children hours of imaginative fun.

This dollhouse’s impressive workmanship and elegant appearance will make  a nice showpiece for a youngster’s room or play area.  Warning some small parts included!

Well, there you have it, two awesome Valentines Day Gifts for your children from Melissa & Doug.

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