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Preparing the Outdoor Patio for Spring!

Over the course of the winter, patios and yards take a serious beating. It requires a bit of spring cleaning to get them back into shape for spring use. The best time to begin refreshing the patio is during the week before the official start of spring. This way, it is already ready to be put to good use on that first warm spring evening of the year!

Cleaning Patio Furniture
Cleaning the furniture is always the first step. Outdoor furniture cushions will gather leaves, dirt, and debris in the fall, while tables may collect spider webs and random items from the yard. Pet hair is also a problem for those who own animals, so there may be fur balls running rampant on the patio or deck. Getting all of the dirt and grime off of the furniture will restore a lot of life to the outdoor living space as is. It may be found that some items might need touch ups, such as another layer of stain due to sun fading or repainting due to peeling paint.

Replacing Worn Cushions and Old Light Bulbs
Since the patio furniture gets a lot of use during the spring and summer from several friends and family members, it is expected to slowly become uncomfortable over the course of time. A few years of use will warrant an outdoor foam replacement for the seats to bring back that youthful spring and comfort that the seating had in its younger days. After the old seat filling has been replaced, it’s time to make a quick stop by each outdoor light bulb. While it may not be necessary to replace each light bulb, it is a good idea to replace important ones at the beginning of the spring. The important lights are the ones that provide the most lighting for doorways, pathways, or sitting areas.

Refreshing the Garden and Flower Pots
Once last year’s plants have died off, it’s time to clean the garden and patio pots. One can easily remove old plants and their root systems from pots while preserving a large amount of soil. Then, replace the plants with new seeds and top off with a little extra soil. For the garden, old plants should be pulled and a new layer of mulch added after new plants have been transplanted. Getting the plants started early ensures spring time flowers!

As long as the patio was not neglected the previous year, cleanup should be a breeze. A little can be done every day for a week, in 15 minute intervals. This prevents stressful rushing when a last minute party is confirmed.

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