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2017 Summer Guide Featuring The BOB VILA MOSQUITO TRAP!

Summer time is such a fun time if you ask me! You can enjoy the outdoors, visit many parks and do so many activities that you normally can’t do in many other seasons.

The kids can stay up and play, do crafts, and have many summer parties. But one thing is for sure, summer time bring on many bugs and if you’re anything like my kids and I, you too can’t stand those pesky bugs.

Well, here is a nice summer MOSQUITO TRAP by BOB VILA that I believe will be great to add to any home.

The MOSQUITO TRAP by BOB VILA is suitable for both outdoors and indoors, has no smelly sprays or harmful chemicals so there is no need to worry about this mosquitoes trap being around children. It also has a built-in fan that pulls mosquitoes into the trap silently and effectively.

So the moment those pesky mosquitoes come anywhere within the area you are displaying your trap, they will be pull right into the unit.

The way the MOSQUITO TRAP is designed with a nice plastic sturdy handle, you could place the trap on a near by pole in the yard, display it on your deck , or add it to your patio set table while entertaining.

Parts included with your mosquito trap are:

Wall Outlet AC Power Adapter,

Trap Container,

Internal Vacuum Fan,

DC Power Input,

Attractive UV LED,

On/Off Shutter Latch, and an On/Off Shutter.

The trap is very easy to clean , just disassemble and clean. Make sure to follow your direction from your manual. If you’re not familiar with Bob Vila, I don’t know where you’ve been because Mr. Vila has been creating , good, quality tools for indoor/outdoor for many years.


You can purchase the MOSQUITO TRAP by BOB VILA  here for $39.99, and while you’re on the website check out more products from Bob Vila!


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11 thoughts on “2017 Summer Guide Featuring The BOB VILA MOSQUITO TRAP!

  • Oh my goodness! This is so perfect! Living at the beach means there are tons of bugs and mosquitoes! So I’m going to check this out for sure! Might have to get a few! I hate mosquitoes and don’t want them anywhere near my family!

  • I didn’t even know they made mosquito traps, that has to be the greatest invention ever. I second I walk outside, I am getting bug bites, I guess I taste good to them or whatnot. With the amount of rain we have this year, we need this badly, they’re really bad around here. Might have to invest in a trap or two.

  • Mosquitos are the worst! I need to pick this up, it looks like it is a lot more efficient than any other mosquito traps we have tried and would be so useful for camping or any summer fires! I got very bit up by mosquitos last weekend, hopefully this helps avoid that in the future!

  • I need to go grab one of these NOW. I think the only thing that keeps me indoors as much as I am on lovely summer days are the mosquitoes! I tend to have really bad bite reactions so having a way to get rid of them would change things in the best way for me!

  • Now this is great. Our backyard has been terrible thsi season. It isnt even fun to sit outside because the Mosquitoes are so bad. We live next to a pond so that is why it is worse I think. I will be considering something like this for the summer months.

  • I love how much this glows. It would be a great addition to our yard at night. The bugs are always a battle. We were out for one night last week, and I am scratching several bug bits already.

  • This is so cool! My kids love to play outside and especially now that it’s summer, this would be a great alternative to the sticky spray-on repellent.

  • Ok, I think that I definitely need this! The mosquitoes are drawn to me for some odd reason. We live in a humid area where mosquitoes abound, and I have to spray with bug spray in the evenings to go out with the kids to play. I have been using a natural insect fogger at the kids’ playground, and it has helped some.

  • A few years ago, our neighbors had something similar that they kept on their back deck. It was wonderful to visit, because I never had to worry about being bit by mosquitos. I really worked like a breeze. The only downside was every bug that it caught, it let out a zapping sound. On hot muggy nights, we could look across the yard and see this funny glowing thing that was playing a song (of sorts).

  • I think my body has an adverse reaction to mosquito bites and other nasty little bugs. One of the downsides to summer! I’m not a fan of sprays, as they make me feel clammy and I sweat even more. This mosquito trap would be a great thing for our weekend family visits!

  • That is the coolest mosquito trap! I love how it glows. I live in a development surrounded by woods, so as you can imagine, I have way more than my fair share of bugs. The mosquitoes are the worst! I cannot stand being itchy and go to extreme measures to avoid bites.


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