Hair Removal Facts You Need to Know

Getting a laser hair removal procedure is one of the biggest decisions a woman can take in terms of her body. Naturally, with a move so big, many women have a lot of questions about the process itself and its implications. But since there is so much to discuss it, we have more information below. It will help you make an informed decision and prepare yourself for everything in advance. Keep reading below for more data and information. 

#1. It’s not painful

We know the process can sound harsh and painful, but it is very harmless, in fact. Unlike waxing or plucking, laser hair removal procedures are not painful at all. The process works by attacking the root of the hair with powerful laser light. When it gets in contact with the hair, the light turns into heat and this damages hair follicles. Although the light to heat transformation sounds painful, it’s only a slight heat sensation, not a burning sensation. Generally, people feel it in areas where the skin is thinner, on and around the nose. Some lasers even have cooling equipment and you’re very likely not to experience any sort of pain at all.

#2. You’ll have to be patient

Although highly effective, you will have to schedule more interventions to see lasting results. After the first treatment, you’ll have to wait up to a month to notice a difference. The best results will be noticeable after 2 treatments and for full results, you’ll have to schedule somewhere between 8 and 12 sessions. The frequency of these sessions is given by the fact that your hair grows in different stages and you want to make sure you get to all of it.

#3. You actually have to shave before the intervention

Before you schedule your first appointment, make sure to trim or shave surface hair on the targeted areas. This will help you prevent accidental interactions of the laser with surface hair and it will help you prevent irritation. Obviously, you want to make sure you also remove all makeup before scheduling laser hair removal interventions for facial hair.

#4. The procedure is pretty fast

You can have a similar appointment on your lunch break and make it back in time to the office. We know, it does sound great! A full-face session will last up to 20 minutes, and this includes the small chit chat at the beginning of the session, plus the make-up removal part before the treatment itself. You can even redo your entire make-up after a full-face session, so you look presentable once you get back to the office.

#5. You can’t exercise for a while after your intervention

Although the procedure is harmless, specialists recommend avoiding physical exercising for at least for 24 hours after your treatment. The heat generated by your body during workouts combined with the lingering heat from the laser is not a good combination. Otherwise, you’ll offer your skin microbiome (which is perfectly normal and healthy in normal parameters) the opportunity to multiply and proliferate.

#6. Sunbathing should be postponed

If you love sunbathing just like any other person, you have to rethink your whole approach on the sun and its wonderful rays. Your teams of professionals will advise you best and they will inform you that you must avoid sunbathing before and after your sessions.

More than this, if you have a tan, you’ll have to wait until it fades to get the procedure done. Make sure to discuss with your beautician and let them know about past or upcoming holidays where the sun may be involved.

#7. You’ll have to pay attention to your beauty rituals

If you regularly use physical or chemical exfoliation on your body, you should give up these steps of your beauty regimen and focus on moisturizing your face. Avoid using glycolic acid and other acids for at least two weeks before your sessions, as well as after.

If you are an avid fake tanner, avoid these lotions, too. Make sure you don’t use any chemical peel and moisturize heavily. This will help you ensure your moisture barrier is rock-hard and you won’t over-dry after your laser hair removal sessions.

#8. You’ll have auxiliary advantages from this intervention

People that shave or wax their unwanted hair are more than familiar with the unpleasant ingrown hairs can be. Well, fortunately for you, a laser hair removal clinic will help you get rid of the unpleasant ingrown hairs you usually experiment with traditional hair removal methods.

Besides, laser hair removal will help you get clearer skin, with permanent hair reduction, and you will also enjoy less skin irritation, in the long run.

#9. It really works on all skin types

There is a myth that laser hair removal only works on light skin tones. However, this is nothing but a myth. The only condition is to have the hair slightly darker. This allows it to draw laser light easier and to work more effectively than it does on really light hairs.

#10. You can’t pluck or dye your facial hair

To make the most of your laser hair removal sessions, you must know you can’t bleach, pluck or wax your hair before the process. This will make it ineffective and you’ll spend both time and money unnecessarily. If you want to wear dresses throughout the whole process, opt for shaving or trimming. And don’t be afraid, shaving won’t make your hair appear thicker, this is just another myth.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact your cosmetologist or beautician and get all the information you need. This will help you be prepared before and after each session and it will help you ensure you have a smooth and pleasant experience. Also, make sure to choose your salon carefully, read reviews and ask for recommendations. Going completely hairless should be a documented and researched process, not an impulsive one.



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