15 Best Birthday Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

Are you struggling with parents who appear to have it all? Is there a special birthday coming up? Or, are you simply just unprepared? We all know that last minute panic of searching through Amazon listings, resting hope on next day delivery, to try and find something unique for Mom or Dad’s birthday. Although each year we try to catch them out with the latest trend, most of the time we end up buying the same gift packaged together with a new greetings card to accompany it. You can also shop gifts for grandparents while you’re at it!

But, if you’re looking to step outside of the box, impress and buy something different this year, then look no further. These next 15 gift ideas may make the process so much simpler.

1.Virgin Experience Gift Cards

As more people opt for buying an experience as opposed to a physical product these days, the Virgin Experience may just be the perfect gift. Although it may appear that Dad has everything, it will be unlikely he has spent the day driving around in a Ferrari.

2.Charity Vouchers

If you keep feeling despaired at the thought of your parents opening another useless present, then perhaps give the gift to someone else. Giving a customizable gift card as a present will ensure that the recipient knows the money is paying for something worthwhile.

3.Murphy Bed Mattress

At first glance, giving such a common household item may seem like a strange idea. But, since you’re likely to be spending eight hours per night using it, it might become one of the most used items you’ve ever given.

4.Amazon Alexa

Initially, giving tech to your parents might not seem so wise but the new Amazon Alex is a product that can be enjoyed by many generations. With features such as weather forecast and link up with your AMEX account, it could make your parents daily life much simpler.

5.Kitchen Accessories

Giving a simple gift such as a well-rated chef knife could help hugely with daily tasks. If you feel like the person you are buying for has everything, then you could simply upgrade the products we all currently use.

6.Air Miles

This next one is a great example of thinking outside of the box and is a new addition to most airlines offerings. In addition to traditional loyalty schemes, you can now transfer and gift existing air miles to another person to give them the freedom and flexibility of travel.

7.Android TV box

Think about the benefits of the aforementioned Alexa, but on a bigger scale. Imagine gifting your traditional TV with the help of an inbuilt assistant that can now help to play content and control your home devices.

8.Local Cooking Classes

There is never a time in life to stop learning. Getting involved in a local cuisine class can be a fun and informative way for parents to connect socially.


9.App and Game Voucher

Why not purchase the relevant App Store voucher for your parent’s device? You’ll be surprised at how much parents can enjoy the latest trending game!

10.Wine Subscription Service

Investing in a subscription service means you can give the gift way after the event and encourage your parent to try new and exciting flavors of wine that they otherwise wouldn’t think to.


With Audible you can now enjoy your favorite books through voice format. If your parents are busy, this may be a great addition to their daily commute and an alternative to reading.

12.Personalised Goods

Goods that have engraved or embroidered initials don’t have to break the bank and have the special feeling. Most local shops will be able to offer services such as scarf embroidering at an affordable rate.


Even if you’re not sure of their tastes, this digital music services gives access to over one million songs. This is a gift that helps to celebrate!

14.Photo Frame

Are you stuck on how to complete your gift or need to give something sentimental? This is one of the cheapest ways to give an invaluable memory and decoration for the home.

15.Food Hamper

Get creative with your local produce and hand craft a hamper full of their favourite foods! This present can cost as little or as much as you choose.

Get Shopping!

These ideas highlight that even when you’re stuck on what to buy there is ways to spice up your usual
routine of gift giving. People are more inclined to receive and buy experiences and a quality, functional product that adds a positive impact to everyday life is never a useless gift. Find out how to find the perfect present for every occasion.



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