The Most Profitable Blog Niches for 2018

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With the increased cost of living and technological advances made over recent years, it’s no wonder that more people are starting blogs or working remotely to get by. For some, a blog is a way to pursue a passion while making some extra money. For others, it becomes their primary source of income.

After you figure out How To Start A Blog, you need to decide what you want to write about. If you opt to focus on your passion, the decision is made. If you’re looking to make a profit, you may want to choose one of these popular niches.



Lifestyle blogging ends up as a bit of a catchall of the different things you can write about. It may include writing about home décor, both interior or exterior, while touching on maintenance, DIY, and how to sell your home effectively.

 While having a lifestyle niche only loosely defines what you can write about, it doesn’t mean you can write about anything. To effectively choose a niche within the lifestyle category, all of your posts need to have a central theme. Delving into too many areas, unless you have a huge corporate team like The Spruce, won’t showcase you as an expert in anything and won’t drive traffic to your site.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is another popular niche which has grown rapidly over the past decade. It can cover anything from aromatherapy to the latest fad diets. People tend to turn to the internet first, before asking the professionals, which opens an opportunity in this area.

If you decide to write in the health and wellness niche, you have to consider your values and work to maintain your integrity. Are you going to take advantage of misinformed individuals who want miracle cures for their problems, or are you going to be a valuable resource of well-researched information? A quick search will show you that both are prevalent online. You’ll also need a strong legal disclaimer stating that people follow your advice at their own risk (whether well-researched and statistically valid or not).


There are an estimated two billion children in the world at present. Children are a significant investment of time, emotions, and money. As many parents consider their role to be the most important job in the world, it’s no wonder that they turn to the internet for help with discipline, coming up with fun ideas, finding meals their child will eat, and other general information about raising children.

The parenting category is another varied niche that has room for a lot of different types of articles. Recipes, clothing trends, the latest health studies, and opinion pieces are just a few topics you could cover in this area. It’s also a popular choice for guest posters, should you need assistance as your blog grows.


It might sound silly to start a blog about blogging, but think about it: blogging is a popular subject. After all, you’re reading about how to start a blog right now. Many bloggers who start in other areas and see some measure of success start a blog about blogging, or start to shift their focus to their origin story, which amounts to the same thing.

 As you write about blogging, you might offer courses and digital downloads to help with the process. These can be offered for free as a lead magnet to grow traffic or can have a fee attached to generate income. The world of blogging is intricate, with unlimited potential to succeed and grow. Take your time to research, schedule some time for writing, and start getting your words out there.






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