Career Options for Nursing Graduates.

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Nursing is a great option for moms. Graduating from a nursing degree such as an MSN online can lead to many different careers, both with and without patient contact, some of which offer flexible hours and a great working environment for parents. If you are studying or considering studying a degree in nursing, here’s a look at some of the fantastic options you could have when you graduate.


Practice Nurse

Working as a practice nurse is one of the more flexible options when it comes to working hours. Many practices open 9-5 weekdays. You could even work part time. Working in a practice is great, you get to know local patients, and treat a huge range of different conditions.


Midwifery is another option that often appeals to parents. Who know first-hand how important a midwife’s role is. You’re not just there for the birth of the baby; you also support the family both before and after.

Nurse Leader

As a nurse leader, you will manage a team of nurses, often in a hospital setting. Working as a nurse leader requires business skills, as you’ll need to organize, budget, and manage people, as well as understand laws and regulations.

Nurse Administrator

Just like being a nurse leader, as a nurse administer you will need strong organizational skills.  You’ll create work schedules, lead work reviews, make sure legal requirements and hospital standards are met, and help with training. This is largely an office based role, so you’ll have little patient contact.

Research Nurse

Research nursing is another role without patient contact. To work as a research nurse, you may need to further your education. You’ll be working on the forefront of scientific developments, finding new treatments and cures and saving countless lives in the future.

Practice Manager

An online masters in nursing degree would enable you to become a practice manager, or even open your own healthcare practice. Being a practice manager means you’ll need the business and organizational skills of a nurse leader, but also the people skills of a practice nurse. While you won’t treat patients, you will still be in contact with them. You’ll need the ability to cope under pressure and defuse difficult situations.

Mental Health Nurse

Mental health care is unbelievably important, yet often less recognized than physical health. Treating patients with mental health issues is exceptionally challenging and it’s not something that everyone is suited to. You’ll need to be very compassionate and empathetic. As a mental health nurse, you could work in hospitals, medical practices, or in the community.

Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nursing is a truly rewarding career, but one some find difficult. It can be hard spending your days with ill children. Pediatric nurses don’t just care for the children, they also offer the families enormous amounts of support and educate them about their children’s conditions.

These are just a few of the options. A nursing degree could also lead to a career in social work, care homes, psychiatry or counseling, primary care work, or teaching. These wonderful career options, and the increasing need for nurses across the country, mean you’ll never be short of employment options as a graduate of nursing. 




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