Getting the kids ready for College!

Getting to the age where they are set to start college can be an exciting and at the same time daunting experience for teenagers. Leaving their friends behind and taking on bigger responsibilities for travelling are just a couple of the things that they might feel uncomfortable about. If you have a teenager who is due to go to college in the next few years, here are some things that you can do to help to prepare them for the next stage in their life:

Travel – If they are not used to travelling on their own, then you should help to get them familiar with the public transport systems that are available for them to get to and from college.

When you go on a family trip, ask them to take responsibility for planning the travel arrangements to see what the best mode of transport is. Give them the money for the tickets and ask them to deal with the purchasing of tickets.

This will help them to get familiar with the processes and how things work across the different types of public transport. Most teenagers are permanently attached to their smartphone and they will probably be able to find apps that do everything for them from finding the quickest route to buying tickets online. They will probably be able to educate you in this area but there are some kids that have never had to use public transport before. So, if you think your child may struggle with the concept of using public transport then this will be a worthwhile exercise.

Learning to drive – Most teenagers will want to learn how to drive as soon as they are old enough to do so. Did you know that they can actually send off for their provisional license before their birthday so that it arrives back in time for them to start learning straight away? Driving lessons can be pretty expensive, so if you have someone who can help them to practice their driving skills once they have taken a few lessons, they are more likely to need fewer lessons to pass their test. Theory tests and any re-takes also cost money, so make sure they pass the first time by practicing their theory questions using online tests. Check this site out for details.

Finances – At this age, they will need to start understanding the value of money and how to look after it. Getting them started with bank accounts and savings from an early age will help them to be more responsible when they get to the age where they can apply for credit. If they haven’t covered it at school, check that they understand the consequences of getting into debt and how interest rates work on credit.

Some teenagers seamlessly move into the college phase, whilst others will find it a lot harder. If you prepare them for a bit more independence then they should find it a lot easier to cope with the transition.


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