Give It Some Class: How To Throw A Party Like An Adult!

Everyone loves a good party, right? There’s nothing like getting the chance to let your hair down while getting to spend time with your friends and family. Of course, when you’re an adult it can feel like your party-throwing days might be behind you. With the responsibilities of kids and work, it can difficult to find the time to get things ready for any big event. But that’s not true! There’s no reason not to throw a party for you and the people in your life, no matter how busy you are. Of course, it’s probably not going to be anything like the wild parties many of us went to in our teen years or at university. Instead, here are a few simple tips for throwing a party like an adult!

Send out invitations

When you’re young, most of the time you seemed to find about parties through friends, or maybe friends of friends. You heard that someone might be having a party and that was about it. When you get a little bit older, and you’ve got more responsibilities, things need to be a little more planned out than that. Send out invitations to people. If the event is something significant, maybe you’re celebrating an engagement or an important birthday, then why not use some personalized note cards to let people know it’s the real deal. Of course, if you’re just looking to hang out with a bunch of friends, why not just set up a Facebook group so that you at least know whose coming.

 Food and drink

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 BYOB might be the standard option for house parties, but if you’re looking for an affair that’s just a little more grown up, then you have to offer your guests some refreshments. It doesn’t need to be anything amazing; just finger foods are fine. Make sure that there are non-alcoholic drink options as well for those who don’t want to drink or are driving.

 Set out a space for the kids

Part of the reason that throwing a party can be tricky when you get older is that it’s hard to socialize when you have little ones. If you’ve got friends who are in that sort of position, then make sure that they know that their kids are welcome. Maybe have a room where the kids can go and play together to get away from all of the boring, grown-up talk. You might even want to set up a space in the yard with bats and balls for them to play.

 Call it a night

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 You’ve got responsibilities, work, and school runs in the morning, and your friends probably do too. As fun as your party might be there’s no sense dragging it out longer than necessary. Why not start the party earlier than you usually would, that way you’re not going to cutting it short when the time comes to call it a night. Of course, you don’t have to kick everyone out the moment the sun goes down. But trying to eject tipsy party guests from your home at three in the morning isn’t much fun when you’ve got to be up at six the next day.



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