ZAKIA’S MOROCCO Bath & Beauty Treatments. @Zakiasmorocco

ZAKIA’S MOROCCO Bath & Beauty Treatment will now allow you to have that wonderful spa experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Now the Zakia’s Morrocan kit has everything you need to enjoy this spa experience. In your signature Zakia’s Morrocan case you will find:

Zakia’s Morocco Organic Argan Oil

The Zakia Argan Oil is 100% organic, with no residue, cloudiness, or heavy nutty odor. With a few drops of this oil you’ll find your skin to feel nourished and well hydrated. Rich in vitamin E & essential fatty acids, Argan Oil sinks right in and gives skin a supple, dewy look. Use as a hair treatment for a balanced scalp and smooth, lustrous locks.


Next we have the Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder by Zakia’s Morocco .


The Ghassoul Powder would be great to help Detoxifying your skin. get ready to indulge in a luxurious detoxifying treatment that will leave your skin glowing, healthy, and toned. 100% organic Ghassoul Powder is a pure clay selected from ancient mineral-rich deposits, found deep within the fertile Atlas Mountains. A beauty essential in Morocco for centuries, this unique clay deep cleans and absorbs impurities without stripping essential moisture. Beneficial for all skin types; especially great for balancing dryness, treating blemishes, and minimizing pores. Can be used on face, body, and hair. Simply mix with water or a hydrosol, generously apply to your skin, let sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.


Now on to the next product from Zakia that will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful. This one is called the Moroccan Black Soap – Orange Blossom by Zakia’s Morocco.

I love the aroma smell of this soap! This super moisturizing cleanser is made with vitamin E-rich, pure olive oil pulp and skin-nurturing argan oil. The 100% natural formula cleanses by removing dead cells and toxins, leaving your skin revitalized and silky soft. With its sumptuous texture, rich lather and noticeable results, you’ll want to use this luxurious soap every day! Scented with intoxicating orange blossom essential oil you can’t help but smell the aroma the moment you open this jar!

Last we have the Zakia’s Luxurious Kessa exfoliating glove & Mini loofah  to help get your spa experience started.

Strong anti-aging and skin regeneration support . Unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells to reveal smoother, more radiant, and noticeably younger skin. Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.

So you see,  Zakia’s Morocco has just what you need to having that great spa experience at home. You can actually make this spa experience a girls night in during the Holiday’s.  Just invite your friends over, grab all your wonderful Zakia’s Morocco products and take turns treating your skin. Before long everyone will be leaving with beautiful healthy skin!

The Kit Includes:

  • -Full size Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder
  • -Full size Zakia’s Morocco Organic Argan Oil
    – Full size Orange Blossom Moroccan Black Soap (8 oz)
    – Luxurious Kessa exfoliating glove, used in traditional hammams
    – Mini loofah for lots of lather


You can see more products from Zakia’s Morocco via their website and don’t forget to connect with them via Facebook| Twitter | Pinterest|



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