Your Destiny Number and How to Calculate It

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The destiny number is calculated from the date of birth and provides information about the means by which we can achieve our goals in life and which paths we are going. That is why one can also speak of the life number. It shows how we relate to our surroundings, to people, friends and colleagues.

Our date of birth invariably defines the time in which we are born and this shapes our existence – our fate. And it’s all predetermined in our genes: talents, the basic requirements of our character, and spiritual, emotional, and physical potential.


How you can calculate your destiny number in numerology?

You calculate your number from your full date of birth, including the day, the month of your birth represented by numbers and the written number of your year of birth. The digits are reduced to a single digit, which is your number, by forming checksums.


Destiny number 1

Basically you like new things and you are very approachable towards them. A new electronic device? No problem, you will find out more about it. You can inspire others not only because you are already bubbling over with inspiration and ideas. You may even be a role model for some. Because your healthy curiosity can be inspiring.

You pursue what you started with determination and perseverance. You could be a good leader. But it’s difficult for you to express your feelings. You could seem a little bossy if something doesn’t go as desired. It would be good for your karma to concern with your feelings and learn to show them.

Destiny number 2

You love to be with your partner and you want to be with them all the time. Your tolerance range is large and your empathy is also well developed. You can also adapt well to a situation. In an argument, you are the one who uses diplomatic skills to avoid worse.

People around you appreciate your tact and your sensitive streak. You are no stranger to being considerate of others. All in one: you are a really nice person. But you have to take care of yourself so that no karma aspect catches up with you. Because the danger that you will be exploited is obvious. Better to delimit yourself and say NO.

Destiny number 3

Strong feelings and multitasking – that’s you! But if you want to do everything at once, you can quickly be overwhelmed by it. This is due to your incredible enthusiasm for something and the belief that it absolutely has to be done. Stress is inevitable, even if you may not even be aware of it because you explode with driving force.

But you are also socially minded and your friends can be happy to have you as a friend. Empathy, joy and an infectious zest for life are written on your face. And you are also generous with your money. A certain curiosity for anything that has not been answered is in your nature. Karma Tip: Learn to deal better with failure and less care about yourself.

Destiny number 4

It is important for you that life runs in an orderly manner. It should be safe and have a structure. You can be trusted and you are loyal. What you tackle, you approach it purposefully and show discipline. If a task is on the table, you will do it with the necessary conscientiousness.

You can also show a creative streak that can perhaps be implemented in a profession. With your dutiful attitude, patience and perseverance, you can achieve success.

Concern about a future that might happen is omnipresent. And you are quick to let other people’s judgments about you get too close to you. Karma tip: Free yourself from the evaluations of others and break away from fictional future scenarios.

Destiny number 5

You don’t get tied up – either emotionally or physically, because you want to be free. Anyone who tries to corner you has bad cards. You are open to new things, like a certain form of variety and are characterized by your tolerance.

You could be traveling a lot in the spirit. Or you are looking for the linguistic / written expression. Maybe both together. You could love traveling, either in your mind or in fact.

A certain basic trust slumbers in you, but the fear of the inner emptiness is present. To keep that from happening, you tend to collect things. Preferably money. You might be tempted to call you stingy. Karma tip: Even if basic trust gives you an inner security, reason should not be neglected.

Destiny number 6

For you it has to be harmonious and justice also plays a role. You don’t like it when someone is treated unfairly. Contrasting attributes slumber in you, because you love peace and harmony.

Still, you are not afraid to get into a conflict or start an argument. Your family is very important to you and you also care for them with care. Your compassion is strong, so that even as a private suggestion box you always have something to do. Diplomacy is also given to you. Your advice can therefore be valuable.

But you also tend to cling to people. Mistakes aren’t your thing either. You don’t like to admit this at all. Instead, a guilty party is sought who should take responsibility. Karma tip: accept that you are making mistakes and stand by your actions.

Destiny number 7

You could be a spiritually inclined person who is very deeply rooted in thinking. Superficial answers are not yours. You want to look behind the scenes and are looking for answers. You are a happy, life-affirming contemporary who is also creative.

You appear a little mysterious and inscrutable to other people, but they like you. You may also have a tendency to withdraw. The feeling that nobody understands you is omnipresent in the room.

But you have nothing against a chic life. It can be a little more. Your karma tip: sort your thoughts and practice thought economy. Try to surround yourself more with people and to integrate yourself.

Destiny number 8

For you, justice comes first. You are not a shame to play judge yourself. Basically you have a willpower and you are also responsible.

You don’t like to give away what you have earned. So your demands on life are not kept small either. You benefit from a sense of reality. Because with a little courage and determination, you can achieve a lot.

You feel really comfortable with the instrument of power. So it can happen that you control other people. That doesn’t go down well. Karma tip: dose your power and the control structure. Admit mistakes and don’t blame others!

Destiny number 9

You take part in the suffering of others. You also show this through your willingness to help. At first you seem a little inscrutable – maybe because you like to sink into dreams?

There should be a quantum of spirituality and intuition in it. But you could still be a long way from esotericism. You are also liked because you are able to accept everyone as they are. You are in your thoughts a lot and have a great imagination. Nevertheless, there is also a keen mind behind it and you should also be successful.

A good dose of patience and perseverance also shapes your being. Anyone who gets to know you thinks that you are a satisfied and balanced person. But be careful: Anyone who criticizes you can expect a thunderstorm.

Consider calculating your Destiny Number for fun. This spiritual and esoteric method should not be taken too seriously. Because only one person has your fate in hand: you! For more Information about your destiny number you can take a look at the German spirit portal: Knowing Hellseher, Schicksalsdeutung & Wahrsager.


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