This Year, Give The Tech Lover the Gift of Peace of Mind

What do you get the person who has every tech gadget known to man?

Tools to protect their computer and their favorite websites.  

Give the gift of peace of mind and add a layer of military-grade encryption security between someone you care about and their online world with wireless access control.

If 2017 was a year that shook you up and had you monitoring your credit a little more closely, especially after the Equifax breach of breaches, this stocking stuffer could be the gift that your favorite person doesn’t yet know that they need.

Here’s what could happen if your loved one’s data gets into the wrong hands:

  • Identity thieves can impersonate them and open bank accounts, credit cards, lines of credit, and even a new driver’s license in their name
  • Thieves can get their hands on their tax refunds
  • If a thief steals their identity, it can take months or years to clean up the mess—not to mention the time to clean it up which can never be recovered

If you could add a layer of military-grade protection between someone you care about and their data and computer, and make it automatic, what would stop you?

We made the GateKeeper: Halberd to let users securely sign-on to their computer. The GateKeeper technology features a wireless key that the user keeps on them. The key, and therefore the user becomes the authenticator, resulting in less chance of a physical breach. Sign-on is based on a user’s distance from their laptop meaning when the key is in range, the GateKeeper software authenticates the keyholder and logs them on. On the flip slide, when the key (and person) move out of range, the GateKeeper software automatically locks the computer.
When you add security between your favorite people and their private information, it’s like giving them their own personal bodyguard. No armored vehicles necessary.

  • Their private information can’t be sniffed since credentials aren’t transmitted over the air
  • When you have multiple sensors to figure out the location of the GateKeeper Key relative to the computer, there’s no need for constant password changes, and forgetting said passwords, only to reset them again
  • A Wireless Key or a Smartphone app, kept with the user becomes the authenticator, meaning less chance for a physical breach
  • When the Key (or smartphone) moves out of range, the GateKeeper software automatically locks the computer

If the thought of a notification from your bank about an unauthorized withdrawal, or from a credit union about a new credit inquiry—that you didn’t make gives you more indigestion than that 2 am burrito delivery, it’s time to physically lock down your stuff.

Even if you know someone with a habit of leaving their laptop on the table at their favorite coworking space just to make a brief trip to the bathroom, how quickly could someone walk up to their open and available computer and grab some quick information about them?

Here are some practical uses for the GateKeeper: Halberd:

  • The guy who’s always forgetting his password
  • The friend who constantly leaves her computer unlocked, and has been the victim of some uncomfortable, but totally in jest fun
  • The loved one who may have been compromised in a recent, or even not so recent security breach
  • The busy founder of a startup who has too many appointments to keep straight and could use a little extra help in the security department
  • The person you give a damn about because you want to make sure they stay safe


Do you have questions about how to keep your personal information secure? Get in touch.



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  • That looks like a really good idea for a present!
    Do you know how hard would it be to recover data in case you lose the key?


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