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Wrist Style Matters: A Fashion Guide to How to Wear a Luxury Watch

Personal style is an important part of life. After all, the way you dress is a form of personal expression. It says a lot about who you are as an individual.

That’s why it’s so important to know how to dress in a way that reflects that way you want the world to see you.

When it comes to wearing luxury watches, every man is different. Many people don’t give much thought to the watch they choose, and yet this is a great way to take your style to the next level.

This article takes a look at things to consider before purchasing your first luxury watch, so keep reading to learn how your next watch can help you be your best self.


Pair an Appropriate Watch to Each Outfit

It’s important to remember that your watch is a fashion accessory. Thus it should be treated as one. Just as a woman would never wear the same pair of earrings with every outfit, you should remember to pair a watch with an outfit that it will complement best.

No matter how great the watch is, it won’t be appropriate for every outfit or every occasion. Knowing what to wear is a matter of taste and sophistication. Nothing will ruin a great look faster than the wrong accessory. So do your homework, and learn what works best together.

Avoid Wearing a Dive Watch with a Suit

This is a rule of watch wearing that many men don’t understand. After all, you’ve got a great dive watch that cost a small fortune, and you’re excited to wear it anywhere and everywhere.

And yet nothing screams style faux pas quicker than wearing a watch with a suit. This is one of the biggest fashion blunders you can commit.

Perhaps you’ve been brained-washed by James Bond and his famous Omega watches. The truth is, you should never wear a dive watch with a suit. They are bulky and don’t sit right beneath the cuff of a suit jacket sleeve.

No matter how fancy it is, or how much it cost, leave it at home when it’s time to put on a tux.

Admire Other Watches from a Distance

Let’s talk for a moment about luxury watch etiquette. The world is full of amazing watches. And as a watch lover, you obviously want to check out other timepieces in the room. Not so fast.

It’s bad form to check out another man’s watch. Sure, you can approach someone and make a comment, but never ask them to hand it over. A gracious gentleman might be kind enough to raise his wrist so that you can have a closer look, but please leave it at that.

After all, you’d never ask to see his wallet or drink out of the same glass. So, resist the impulse to overstep this social boundary and keep your hands to yourself.

Oversized Watches are Over

This is a ghastly trend that should never have started in the first place. Luxury watches should reflect your taste and your sense of style. Many are in agreeance that oversized watches only reflect poor taste.

Wearing an oversized watch is seen by most as a sad cry for attention. Over the last few years, they’ve become increasingly popular, but that doesn’t make it right. Don’t fall prey to this fashion disaster.

Remember, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Dark with Dark/Light with Light 

Just as it’s important to match your watch with the appropriate outfit, you also need to pair a dark-colored watch with dark clothes, and a light-colored watch with light clothes.

You might not think any of this matters, but it’s a significant reflection of your sense of style. A dark watch with light clothes will stand out, and not in a good way. And vice versa.

When it comes to fashion, every detail matters.

Skip the Bling

Are you in love with bling? Do you dig shiny gold with diamonds? That’s fine, but don’t overdo it. The watch you wear shouldn’t be a reflection of your insecurities. In other words, you shouldn’t feel the need to prove to the world that you’ve got it going on.

When you wear a luxury watch, it should enhance your look rather than overwhelm it. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid diamonds altogether. But if you want to look like a man who has his fashion game under control, keep the bling to an absolute minimum.

The Watch Should Fit the Man

Always be yourself. Don’t use your watch as a way to impress others. Don’t make it a status symbol. After all, the kind of people you’re likely to impress are the kind of people you shouldn’t be interested in impressing.

A luxury watch is intended to exude style and taste. It should fit your frame and match your personality.

Own More than One Watch 

Don’t wear the same watch every day. That’s mean owning more than one. Yes, luxury watches are expensive. But that doesn’t change the fact that you must be able to match your timepiece to different clothing and occasions. Heuer Carrera is another brand you may want to look into.

Remember, it’s More than a Timepiece

Here’s another rule for wearing a luxury watch: resist the impulse to constantly check the time. Yes, your watch was made to serve a purpose, but it’s also a fashion accessory. You don’t need to spend half of the day glancing at it.

Tips for Wearing Luxury Watches 

Luxury watches are a great way to make a fashion statement. They look great and when worn correctly, they can exude style and class.

They can help any man take his personal style to a new level. The tips contained in the article will help you keep your fashion game strong.

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