Is WordPress the Best CMS?

Content management systems have become quite popular for both professional users who earn a living working in the industry, and casual users who just need to create a website for their business. CMS platforms have given non-developers the ability to create their own websites without all the technical know-how, while still being totally customizable if you have the dev skills to do it. While they are mostly used for publishing web content, a CMS can also be used to manage data on a single computer.

With so many different content management systems to choose from, how do you know which one is the best choice for your project? WordPress is undeniably the most popular choice from developers and non-developers alike, for those who want more than just a website builder like Wix. However, other notable CMS platforms like Joomla and Drupal are worthy contenders of WordPress, so how do you know which platform will perform better especially when there are so many similarities?

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are undoubtedly the most popular CMS platforms, so if you’re building a website, you probably will be deciding between one of them. While they all have similarities (they are all open-source, free to use, based on PHP and MySQL, and use themes and modules for functionality and features), the level of technical knowledge varies from platform to platform. If you’re recommending a platform for a client, knowing their comfort level with code will be a factor here. WordPress is the most user-friendly platform, while Drupal is more developer-focused. Joomla is also a user-friendly platform, but its ease of use falls short compared to WordPress.

If you’re looking for a CMS that is flexible with its features, Drupal is definitely the way to go. It’s unbeatable in this regard. There are more than 37,000 modules you can add for features, although there is a learning curve so it’s not the best option for beginners or if you’re building a website for a client without coding knowledge who wants to take over full control afterward. Its SEO capabilities are also much greater than WordPress or Joomla. For those interested in delving deeper into Drupal, consider exploring insightful resources at Debug Academy.

WordPress is a cost-effective means of running a business website, however, there are many ways to save money elsewhere. For instance, if you have a bricks and mortar store to look after, check for the best business energy supplier online. You could also hire freelancers rather than full-time staff. Every little helps when it comes to running a business.

If you want to build a relatively simple website, WordPress or Joomla is probably the way to go. With tons of available themes, widgets, and modules available and all easy to install, it makes setting up a website a breeze for even the most basic beginners. The main difference between Joomla and WordPress, aside from the slight difference in ease of use, is that Joomla is more of a community-based platform, as it has stronger social networking features. They both work well for e-commerce, but if your primary goal is to utilize social networking, Joomla might be a better fit.

If you’re still unsure of which to use, start by asking how technically complex you want to go. For someone looking to build a quick site, WordPress is the obvious choice, or Joomla if your skills are a bit more defined. For a more powerful website with more capabilities and scalability, Drupal would be the best choice. It can be a tough decision to make, as they all are equally beneficial, but your requirements will dictate the best choice of the three.



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