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Embedded software development has undergone many changes from single devices to modern smart devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a great force towards the continuous improvement and development of embedded software development. The IoT mainly focuses on electronics and the programming of embedded systems. These changes brought by IoT make life more-easier and better. There are three major changes that have been made by IoT in embedded software development.

        JavaScript everywhere.

The basic language in programming for a long time now has been C or C++ in embedded software development. The ‘C’ language of programming is an orderly and organized language, containing many features that handle hardware. The C++ assists in writing the reusable codes of the real time embedded systems majorly due to the fact that they have the basic object-oriented features of programming. The JavaScript through the IoT has introduced a JavaScript framework that is efficient and magnificent, in the form of Cyclon.js. The Cyclon.js has many advantages to the users. It enables the user to program easily the real-time embedded systems with very few code lines. Other advantages of using JavaScript include;

                                                                                   I. Management of the memory

JavaScript has a garbage collector that is responsible for freeing and clearing the memory. This enables the developer to pay attention to the most important work he has without being distracted. The garbage collector is automated.

                                                                                  II Handing events

This is a feature that is unique and so helpful. The device here has the ability to handle events as well as responding to the events. Major events that occur are asynchronous, hence the JavaScript addresses only one single and specific event at a time by allowing many devices to handle the event. 

                                                                                III.   Library, Tools, and Plugins.

JavaScript has several tools and libraries. The libraries such as Lodash, Underscore, and Async are incorporated into JavaScript. JavaScript has splendid frameworks like Duktape and Cyclon.js which are designed for devices that are resource strained. The plugins, Tools, and Libraries make programming easy.

                                                                                           The ‘Things’ OS.

IoT OS is a system of operation that is formed in a way that it works within the limits of the IoT device boundaries, together with the limits on the scope processing, memory, and power. These changes made by IoT in the real-time embedded systems improve programming rates and reduce the time spent in writing the codes. The ‘things’ OS has an additional feature which is pre-built in the devices; necessary for IoT. These include; Upgrade of the firmware, which ensures that the device is kept updated all the time. Protocols of the device, which give support to a wide variety of protocols, enabling it to connect with other devices. Library support utilizes the components which are reusable enabling development to be faster. Security, which ensures the safe transfer of data. These factors were not present in the regular embedded systems. All these changes have been incorporated due to IoT. 

                                                                                       Protocols and Networks

The regular embedded systems did not require necessary networking as some were single. Networking was only necessary if there was a need for connecting devices with a network. In IoT however, connectivity and networking are key elements that are necessary. The several protocols of IoT like CoAP, XMPP, and HTTP play a very major function in permitting IoT. The key aspects of networking are;

                                                                                         a. JSON

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) comprises many pairs of value names. Its function is to show the data that is to be exchanged between Web World and Embedded.

                                                                                       b. REST APIs

It is used as a device for transferring data between the Cloud and the gateways of IoT, by attaching the technologies of the Web and Embedded together.

                                                                                         c. Web sockets

It is a protocol that accelerates communication between a web server and a browser with very low expenses, this makes it appropriate for IoT.

Real-time embedded system developers need to select the best set of protocols for the IoT devices, as this is one of the most important changes brought by IoT. Real -time embedded systems differ with the traditional embedded systems in many ways. The real-time embedded systems have great improvement and changes majorly due to IoT, therefore many developers find programming easy and enjoyable.



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