Main Rules for Getting Your Website to the Top While Creating

Creating a new website for your business can become a tough task if you don’t know all the rules to make it successful. The first and most important thing is to make it as safe as it is possible for your users. Here, Soax proxies will help. Get them from and guarantee secure surfing for your customers.


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Exploring a Niche

It is advisable to analyze the content of competitors. You will be able to find out what content is most interesting for your niche, what articles visitors share on social networks, and determine what exactly you should write about.


The originality of h1-h6 headers, the quality of meta tags, and the inclusion of keywords in the title. All of these SEO criteria have a direct impact on the page’s relevancy to the search query and its appeal in search results.

At the time of site design, optimize meta tags for search engine needs and use optimum SEO methods. Don’t look for an issue with site ranking once pages with wrong meta tags have been crawled. Do everything correctly and optimally at the same time. Internal and search engine optimization of the Home page, service pages, and professional blog entries are especially vital.

Internal and search engine optimization are crucial stages in the creation of a website. If you optimize your resource, Google will enjoy it right away.

Optimize Page Addresses: CNC or SEO-URL

The page address is its first technical identifier. Search engines can get a first idea of ​​what it presents. That’s why URLs need to be optimized for search engines. Here are some rules about URL structure:

  • the maximum length is 77 characters – short, meaningful URLs are more likely to appear high in search results;
  • don’t use special characters like: _ ^ & #? %;
  • The secure HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP provides the necessary privacy for the site and its users.

After the domain name, the first words in the URL are the most essential, and they might contain keywords. Of course, they must complement the page’s content.

Technical Site Optimization

The main issue is the high download speed of the site and optimization for mobile devices.

Only fast sites can rank high in search. Google considers page loading speed to be an important factor in ranking, as it directly affects the user experience. With each update to the search giant’s algorithm, slow sites are losing ground.

That is why, at the stage of site development, you need to make sure that its speed will be ensured. Technical optimization of styles, scripts, and code – an important component of site development. It is important to apply all the best practices from the beginning, as it will be much harder to correct mistakes later. Of course, choose the CMS that is available for search engine optimization. After all, the wrong platform can lead you to a dead end.

If you can properly design the tasks and structure of the future site, it will be a solid and reliable basis on which to build a further strategy for SEO promotion.


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