Wizard Labels Creates Custom Labels For Your Company Or Home.

I’m ecstatic to have found Wizard Labels. My Husband and I are in the early stages of creating an online product company and we needed professional labels for our jars.

I stumbled across Wizard while exploring the internet, and their services piqued my curiosity. More importantly, I like how simple the process was and how they addressed any issues we may have encountered during the process!

We designed our first set of labels and submitted them, and they arrived within days, exactly as we had requested. They were high-quality labels, colored to match our design, and manufactured with strong permanent adhesives, which is very essential to us! The print typefaces were legible and perfectly aligned.

I really like how easy it was to peel off the labels and stick them to our jar. They applied flat and nice on the surface, with no buckling like my previous labels.

Plus, they offer Tight Mandrel, a stronger adhesive bond that I may need for our timber goods.

Overall, we’re happy with their services and the attention to detail they put into our labels. We are excited to order more labels for our company within the next few weeks.

So, if you’re searching for professional, cost-effective, high-quality labels for your business or home items, look no further than Wizard Labels; I’m confident they’ll exceed your expectations.


About Wizard Labels

The magic began in 2013 when Wizard Labels’ founders, Steve Smith and Jay Dollries, co-launched a revolutionary method for ordering custom labels online. As two of the earliest adopters of digital technology to print product labels, their unique combination of technical skills and leading-edge innovation was a perfect match to deliver high-quality product labels in the fastest time possible.



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