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Why You Should Wear Organic Plugs

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The ear plugs are back in fashion again! If you are a fan of ear piercing, then you will definitely like the idea of plug earrings. What are these? These plugs are jewelries for your ears that are available in larger sizes. They are also popularly known as gauges. To wear these ear plugs or gauges, you have to make sure that you have already stretched your ear piercing sufficiently. The diameter of these plugs and gauges can go as wide as 2 inches. You can find a lot of different collections online made up of different materials and different designs. One of the most popular ones that you can get your hands on is the organic plug. 

Benefits of wearing organic plugs

Nowadays organic goods are becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons behind this popularity. If you want to know more about its benefits, then here are the pros and cons of the organic ear gauges. This list will help you to know more about the benefits:


  • Made up of natural materials

One of the best parts of the organic plugs for your ears is that they are made of natural materials. Natural materials are eco-friendly and also they don’t have any toxic materials in them. They are made up of woods, horns, skins and many other materials that can create beautiful designs, make it long lasting as well as keep it natural and gentle. Organic means there is no foreign substance used for creating the plug or earring.¬†

  • Non-irritating and helps to heal faster

Another benefit of using organic plugs for your ears is that they are completely non-irritating. As they are made up of 100% natural materials, they will help you to heal your skin faster and better. It will not cause any irritation that can make it difficult for you to heal. Metals can cause some allergic reactions top your skin and cause irritation. But organic material can be very gentle on your skin and tissues of your ear lobes. Thus, it can help you heal faster.

  • 100% safe for your ears

When you are looking for one of the best plug earrings for your ear lobes, then organic ones can be the ideal one. As they are made up of 100% natural materials, there are no toxins used for manufacturing these plugs. Hence, they are completely safe for your skin. You don’t have to worry about the outcome or the side effects at all.

  • Environment-friendly

As people are becoming more and more conscious about their environment, small choices do matter. Organic ear plugs are the best way to contribute to such a good cause. You can give up the plastic or inorganic materials that can cause disruption in the biodegradation process. Hence, if you are an eco-friendly person and like to make the best choices for the environment, then organic is the right choice.


  • Limitation in design

Sometimes you can face limitations when it comes to designs for the organic plugs for your ears. The choices may be few when it comes to materials. But if you choose the right company or online store to buy these products, you can get some unique designs and amazing materials for you.

  • More maintenance

As the organic materials are natural ones and are not processed with chemicals or any other toxins, it requires a lot of maintenance. You have to know the caring and maintenance tips in order to keep them intact and in good shape. If you can take care of these organic materials and keep them in the right shape with proper maintenance, then these ear plugs can last for a long time.


Now, you know all the pros and cons of the organic ear gauges. According to the whole article, it is quite evident that the benefits of having organic plugs for your ears are more. They also look quite traditional giving a unique look. Hence, you can invest in some of the best organic plugs or gauges for your ears. This can help you to get the best and the most unique look. They are available in different sizes that you can choose according to your need. Also, you can find some amazing designs that you can choose from.


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