4 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health!

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A healthy brain leads to better cognition, improved memory, increased attention, and better information retention. Memory loss may be a normal part of ageing, but a healthy brain can fight this by forming new neurons. But, whilst you may know how to keep your body healthy, many of us are at a loss when it comes to improving the health of our brain and mind.

Many of the things that we do in order to improve our body health, for example eating healthier foods and drinking more water, will also aid with brain health. Bad lifestyle habits, such as eating a lot of junk food or getting little exercise can contribute to cardiovascular disease, which will reduce the blood flow to the brain.

Healthy Eating

Be sure to eat a lot of healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, lean means and other protein-rich foods such as eggs, oily fish and healthy fats such as those in olive oil and avocados. Not only will this improve your figure, but you’ll also notice a difference in your brain function when it’s getting the right type of fuel, whether you’re hoping to simply improve your memory or are studying for an online MAGMASM program.

Exercise Regularly

Another method of improving your physical fitness is by exercising, which will also contribute to brain health. One of the best ways to really boost brain health from your workouts is to mix them up by trying different things and giving both your body and your mind a challenge from time to time. Regular exercise will benefit your mind by both keeping it sharp and releasing ‘feel-good’ hormones, which will improve your mood and reduce stress levels.

Learn New Things

Constantly learning something new is actually good for our brains. As we learn and take in more knowledge, pathways and networks of neurons are developed in the brain, increasing our long-term knowledge of a subject and contributing to brain health. In simple terms, learning something new is like weight lifting for your brain! Whether it’s learning a new language, taking driving lessons, enrolling on an online masters in gerontology or learning how to play a musical instrument, getting your brain to do new things will keep it at the top of its game.


According to a study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, humans need interaction with others in order to promote brain health. So, next time your friends invite you out for dinner or to the movies and you don’t feel like leaving your warm house, remember that socializing with others can actually lead to a healthier brain and a sharper mind. Socialization for brain health is even more important for elderly adults, since aging affects neurological processes such as memory or attention. In the above mentioned study, older adults who socialized often had less cognitive limitations than those who did not.

It’s not just fun brain training games that can improve your mind! Looking after it with a good diet, exercise, new challenges and social activities can all give your brain a health boost.


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