Why do you need cloud migration solutions

One of the main reasons for choosing a devops services is seasonal and event-driven business fluctuations that lead to peak IT loads, high demand for computing resources during the software development period, expensive licensing support from the main virtualization vendor, and delineation of responsibilities between the customer and the provider. After all, when using the cloud, the client receives a guaranteed service, supported by service level agreements.

The transition to the clouds is also dictated by factors such as lack of resources, aging infrastructure, large investments in building your own, and a long procurement period. In addition, the cloud is characterized by several advantages, such as flexibility, elasticity, replacement of capital expenditures with operational ones, and global deployment, conditionally, in a matter of minutes.

What can you save when moving to the cloud? One of the benefits of cloud computing is the ownership model. Rather than buying your hardware, hardware needs remain the responsibility of the vendor or cloud provider. For companies that are growing rapidly, new equipment can be expensive and inconvenient. Also, do not forget about the procedures for installing and deploying new software and hardware systems, which can take quite a lot of time without the presence of your own or external IT specialists. Cloud computing alleviates these problems because the client receives a ready-made service, and by attracting other companies specialized in IT services – a customized IT infrastructure and services that comply with the best world practices of manufacturers.

Along with the purchase cost, cloud migration solutions reduces internal energy costs and saves floor space. Large data centers can take up precious office space and generate a lot of heat. Moving to a cloud-based infrastructure ownership model can help maximize space and significantly reduce energy costs.

Cloud solutions can also lead to dramatic reductions in labor and maintenance costs. With equipment owned by vendors and stored away from the office, there is less demand for IT staff within the company. If servers or other equipment need to be repaired or upgraded, it is the responsibility of the provider or partner (integrator) to maintain the service. Eliminating the routine maintenance of your “hardware fleet” can help IT professionals focus on important initiatives and developments, allowing them to respond faster to market challenges.

In addition to significantly reducing labor costs, cloud computing can be cost-effective for businesses due to increased employee productivity. Deploying cloud software is significantly faster than deploying your own IT infrastructure. The main thing is to be able to do this or have a highly qualified IT partner. Instead of weeks or months for a standard company-wide installation, cloud software can be deployed in a matter of hours. As a rule, cloud solutions are available in different payment models, but pay-per-use is the most popular. This model provides savings and flexibility in several ways. First of all, the customer does not need to pay for computing power, storage, or software that is not used.

Finally, the initial cost of the cloud is lower than in-house solutions. For companies that need high-end products but don’t have extensive funds available, cloud solutions provide fantastic flexibility and translate capital expenditures into flexible operating costs based on business needs.


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