Photography Utilities That will Enhance Your Shot

As you grow as a photographer, you will find new tools and techniques increasingly helpful. These items will give you added convenience, new effects, and a different perspective to your photography fresh!


Depending on your focus, you may already be acquainted with backdrops. An essential for studio photography, these backgrounds set the tone for any environment you’d like, all you have to do is plan ahead and pack the right one for your shoot. Check out these backdrops for your next portrait, product, or food photography shoot!


For times when you may catch some glare or reflection, it is helpful to pack some photography filters. Filters can eliminate glare, deter reflections, and even enhance the colors in your shot, depending on the situation. They are a great tool to carry, especially when shooting outdoors.

Battery Grips

Battery grips are an excellent way to extend your shooting timeframe, but will add weight to your camera. This one is a trade-off, but if you don’t mind an additional ½ lb or so, battery grips are a great way to extend battery life.

Remote Shutter Release

For long-exposure photography and other sensitive shots, it may be best to not eve touch the camera. In situations when the smallest nudge could ruin a shot, it’s best to use a remote shutter release and keep your hands off the camera. This option is also highly useful when you are trying to capture self portraits.

Rain Protection

One thing that you will not forget twice is rain protection. At minimum you should travel with a rainproof backpack, but it is smart to carry a few plastic bags or some more advanced rain gear.


If you can afford one, a drone is a great addition to your photography toolbox. These gadgets let you capture ariel shots that would otherwise be impossible. The downside, aside from cost, is that you will need to store and maintain the drone with care to prevent damage and keep it ready for use. Typically you will need to transport a separate case for your drone.


There are numerous tools that can be used to improve your photography, depending on your preferred type of shooting. If you are still exploring your photography skills, check out the photography gear checklist and make sure that you are prepared for your next shoot. The most important thing in photography is to never stop growing, so try some new gear and spark your creativity.



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