Why Choose Taste of the Wild for the Nutritional Needs of Your Pup

Our pets complete us and can help us create memories that, over the years, will prove priceless. But the pet ownership process for many Australian families is arduous, and many queries must be answered. For example, if you own a large dog, you probably have questions about the ideal nutritional intake necessary for his development. If you own a cat, you may be curious to know what dietary differences exist between dogs and felines. And the answer to all these questions may be essential for you to make an economically viable decision synonymous with the well-being of your family.

Food is the most significant expense for Australian pet owners, and finding the best brands with the highest quality ingredients is crucial for your pet’s physical development. Are you looking for quality dog food? Then a good idea would be to turn to brands like Meals for Mutts, Taste of the Wild, or Ivory Coat. Want to find premium cat food tailored to your kitty’s taste? Then Ziwi Peak or Royal Canin could be the most suitable brands for your needs. But you are the kind of person who wants to find the answer to all questions before making a purchase decision. So, in the following article, we will look at the nutritional differences between dogs and cats and explain why you should always go for the selections of premium pet food companies.


What to Look for In Dog Food? 

Dogs are the most common pet in Australian homes, and their nutritional intake is a real challenge for many families in this country. To thrive, dogs need high-quality kibble or wet dog food that balances animal and plant-based proteins. What should you look out for? First, the chosen dog food must feature a recognised animal protein source. And the most popular options on the market are fish, chicken or mutton proteins. It is best to avoid food full of filler materials such as soy or different types of starches, as these not only do not provide an adequate calorie intake for your dog but may even cause intestinal problems.

A good idea would be to go for premium brands such as Stockman& Paddock, Ziwi Peak Dog or Taste of the Wild, as these well-known companies have access to the best ingredients and invest the most in creating new products appropriate for your pup. Kibble from Taste of the Wild, Black Hawk Dog, Ziwiki Peak Dog or Biopet will provide the right amount of minerals and vitamins necessary for your pal, will be free of harmful preservatives such as BHA or BHT and will not use meat byproducts unsuitable for pet consumption. It is best to look for brands recognized by FEEDIAF or APPA that boast years of experience in supplying quality dog food to Australian households.

What to Look for In Cat Food? 

Like dogs, cats need carefully monitored nutrition to develop properly. But compared to dogs, cats need a higher protein intake and specific minerals that are not necessary for canines. Cats are carnivorous animals, meaning their nutrition should consist of protein-rich kibble or wet food from known meat sources. Cat food with fish as an active ingredient is a popular choice because, besides protein, fish also provides essential oils and beneficial fats that can help maintain your kitty’s coat and skin health.

It is best to go for recognized brands such as Ziwi Peak or Advance and choose cat food rich in natural preservatives such as tocopherols. But you may want to know the difference between kibble and wet cat food. Generally, kibble is cheaper and more convenient as it can be stored at room temperature and reused if your cat has not eaten all its allotted portions. Popular brands specializing in cat kibble production are Science Diet, Meals for Meows and Ziwi Peak.

On the other hand, wet food can have a higher percentage of protein and is higher in moisture than kibble. Wet cat food is more expensive but is also more appreciated by cats and can be beneficial in cases where your feline suffers from kidney disease. Brands known for their wet cat food are Felix Cat, Whiskas and Fancy Feast. But whatever you choose, it is essential to be considerate and limit the portion sizes of your cat’s food. Cats, especially un-neutered males, tend to overeat, which can shorten their life expectancy considerably.

How Do Cat’s and Dogs’ Nutritional Needs Differ?

Dogs and cats have different metabolisms, and their nutritional needs differ significantly. Cats are carnivorous animals, meaning their caloric needs must be met almost exclusively through animal protein. On the other hand, dogs, like us, are omnivores, meaning their nutrition must balance animal protein and carbohydrates that aid digestion. Another difference between the two species is the number of vitamins and acids they need.

For dogs, the presence of taurine in their food is not necessary, but for cats, it is crucial and is an essential element in the high-quality cat food options available on the Australian market. On the other hand, dogs need a more plentiful source of cysteines or methionine’s than their feline cousins. While dog food created by brands such as Taste of the Wild or Ziwi Peak may contain a high percentage of fiber and carbs, cat food instead needs to be comprised almost entirely of animal proteins and beneficial fats, fiber and carbohydrates, amounting to less than 15% of the total percentage of the used ingredients.

Find the Right Brand for Your Pet

Ultimately, it is crucial to consider your pet’s preferences. The Australian market is a diverse one, and buyers are spoilt for choice with a large number of brands to choose from. Do you want your cat to be pampered and benefit from a diverse collection of salmon-based kibble? Then Ziwi Peak could offer you what you want. Do you want to buy dog food rich in all the vitamins needed for the proper development of your pup? Then Taste of the Wild might be the perfect brand for your needs.

But no matter which option you choose, it’s essential to ensure that the selected brand uses only quality ingredients of known origin and that the pet food is suitable for your animal’s age. Dog and cat foods may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the nutritional intake provided may differ. Are you the owner of a small pup? Then it’s best to choose a dog kibble with a higher protein percentage. Is your dog old? Then it would be best to select kibble with adequate nutrients for joint health. Does your cat suffer from kidney problems? Then wet food may be necessary. Does he struggle with obesity? Then kibble might be economical and easier to enforce. The decision is yours, and the Australian pet food market can supply all your companion’s nutritional needs.


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