Choose The Best Neck Pillow For Waking Up Without Neck Pain

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It is an awful feeling to wake up in the morning with a stiff neck. Kink in your neck makes it hard for you to move your neck while the pain can get spread to your arms or back. Neck pain can last for all day. It is the most common painful condition from which most of the people suffer from. Sleeping in the wrong position or with tilted head, lack of support under the head and use of wrong pillow are the most common reasons for the neck pain. Thus, you are required to use the best neck pillow so that you can give full support to your neck and head while sleeping. The right kind of neck pillow also ensures that your head is in the correct position which avoids the stiffness of neck.

Comfortable pillow for the neck support

The type of pillow you are using while sleeping plays an important role in deciding the comfort factor during sleep. There are various types of pillows available in the market thus you can easily make the selection from it. Pillow that maintains the natural lordotic curve of your neck and spine is one of the best types of pillows for handling neck pain. Contour pillows are high quality pillows which are made up of the firm foam. They work like a cradle to keep your head in the right position. This type of pillow is best for those who like to sleep on their back.

Filling materials in the neck pillows

There are different types of filling materials for the neck pillows. It can range from natural material, synthetic material and various types of seeds and herbs. Latex, goose feather and cotton are the natural materials which are filled in the neck pillows. Micro beads, memory foam, polyester and synthetic fiber are the common synthetic materials which are used in the neck pillows. In the pillows filled with seed and herbs, flaxseed, millet and buckwheat are the most common options. All types of filling materials make the pillows supportive to the neck so that you don’t have to face the neck pain every morning.

Travelling pillows for the neck support

A lot of people have to travel a lot so they are unable to sleep peacefully in their bed. Sometimes, they have to sleep in the sitting position to make their body rejuvenated. Sleeping in the sitting position provides only the back support to you while your neck may get tilted in the forward or backward direction. Keeping your neck in the tilted position for the long hours can cause neck pain. Hence, there is a need to use the travelling neck pillow. This type of pillow is specially designed to provide full support to your neck and head while sleeping in the sitting position. Travelling neck pillows are the “U-shaped” pillows which you can wrap around your neck. It provides full cushioning to your neck and keeps the vertebrae line in the right alignment to keep your body in the natural sleep position.

You can also try an electric heating pad, they are also great for relaxing those stiff muscles.


  1. Ohh just in time for my upcoming travel. This would definitely be a good pillow for me especially for long travels.

  2. My Nana had a similar pillow that she used religiously. She would always put it on when she watched tv, just in case she fell asleep.

  3. I have woken up many a morning to a stiff neck. A great pillow has helped me not wake up with neck pain anymore. It’s quite debilitating.

  4. I have one like this too and find them to be great while travelling. I often have shoulder and neck pain but these are great to relax the tense muscles.

  5. Ugh. I’ve been waking up lately with a stiff neck. Will need to check this out.

  6. I have a similar pillow for when we travel but it’s really nice to have a pillow that helps support your neck to avoid neck pain! I love how this works and it definitely looks super comfy.

  7. I need to get four of these before we go on our international flight next year. It’s gonna be a long flight so this would help us all.

  8. I think my mom needs this because she always suffers from a stiff neck. This will be good to bring as well when traveling.

  9. I think I need to get one of these before we travel in October. I don’t want to get a stiff neck during that time.

  10. The one time I used a neck pillow was on an overnight red eye flight. I never would have survived that flight without my neck pillow! Thank you for sharing your tips.

  11. My husband uses one of those pillows when traveling. He purchased pillows for both of us from Sam’s Club last year that have worked well for neck pain.

  12. Ugh, my neck is sooo senstive. I can’t ever find a good median so I’ll have to try these tips out.

  13. My husband needs one. He doesn’t sleep well, so maybe one of these will help. I’ll have to look into getting him a new pillow.

  14. I’ve been looking for a neck pillow. I always get a stiff neck when traveling because I don’t have one. Seems to be popular for using on the plane.

  15. This is a great post! I have had several whiplash accidents in my life and neck and shoulder pain is part of my life. I’ve used special neck pillows for years and taking care of your neck is extremely important.

  16. My husband needs one of these. He has terrible neck problems and I’m sure it would help him to relax with one of these.

  17. I really enjoyed reading this post. Investing in the right neck pillow is so important. Especially, when traveling. Thanks for your great tips.

  18. I would definitely like to use this when I travel. I do some international travel and I always have a problem with how to sleep and not have a kink in my neck. I will have to check out this pillow.

  19. I hate waking up with a stiff neck and I’m so picky about my pillow because it has to be just right. Getting a good night’s sleep begins with a great pillow.

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