5 Ways to Get to Know Your Partner

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Have you found that special someone? No matter how well you think you know someone, there’s always a deeper layer you can discover. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner have been together for 10 years or a few weeks, there’s likely still a thing or two you’ve yet to learn.

It’s important to know just as much about the little things as it is to know about the big things. All of this getting to know you becomes even more important if you plan to commit your life to this person or take a big step together. Here are 5 ways to get to know your partner.

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1. Travel Together

There are few things that bring people closer together (or farther apart) than stressing over travel arrangements. When you travel, it’s hard to prevent running into obstacles. There are big highs and low lows, and this means you’ll know if you’re able to put up with your partner at his or her worst.

Traveling together can be intimidating, but it’s likely the best way to really get to know someone. When you’re at home, you’re both comfortable. Stepping outside your comfort zones together forces you into new situations. Some say if you can live through a trip together, you’re meant to be. People’s true colors really come out during a 10-hour flight delay or after sitting in traffic all afternoon. For better or worse, you’ll know them much better by the end of your trip.

2. Visit Their Childhood Town

Taking a trip down memory lane is much more powerful if you’re able to see your partner’s childhood town for yourself. Visit together and see old friends, family, and where they grew up. Have them show you his or her favorite parts of their town. Maybe they loved the chocolate chip ice cream at the family parlor down the street from their house, or they always spent afternoons at the bowling alley.

Don’t shy away from the worst parts too. It’s very possible your partner doesn’t have the best feelings about his or her hometown. This is just another way to get to know them and experience a part of their past. Just be sure you’re willing to travel together to your childhood town.

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3. Meet Their Parents

Few things in life are as intimidating as visiting your significant other’s rents. Will they like you? What are they like? These people not only made your love interest, but they know all about them. This is a great time to make a strong impression, and even ask if they’ll crack out the baby photos. There’s a lot you can learn from the parents of this special person in your life.

4. Play Games

Who said you can’t still enjoy games as an adult? You and your special someone can get to know each other in a lot of fun ways if you’re willing to think outside the box. From drinking games to old-fashioned board games, you’re sure to be laughing and learning at the same time.

The best part about playing games is that it gives you a chance to open up in a non-threatening environment. It’s hard to be too serious when giggling over 200+ would you rather questions that will destroy you forever. While playing, take the time to actively listen. Becoming a better listener is crucial to getting closer to your partner.

5. Join Each Other’s Hobbies

You don’t have to go out and buy $500 golf clubs if your partner loves golf, but you should take the time to explore each other’s interests. What is it that makes your loved one get excited? What’s his or her favorite way to spend the afternoon? While hearing about these hobbies is a great first step, actually participating in them will help you discover something new about them.

Invite your partner into your hobby as well to return the favor. If you love chatting about books, invite him or her to your next book club meeting. While you don’t have to have the exact same interests, you should be able to understand where each other are coming from.

Spending quality time with your significant other is the best way to learn more about them. These tips above will help you explore what makes your partner special so you can decide if he or she is the one. Whether you play a new game or go on a road trip, you’re sure to learn something new.



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