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Why Accessories Matter Much More Than You Think

What do you notice when you first meet someone new? Often, people will say their smile. But when we meet someone new, we notice their face. Therefore, we also notice accessories like earrings or other piercings. Accessories are crucial to elevating any outfit. Unfortunately, accessories are often neglected, maybe because we think they aren’t noticed. But remembering a bracelet, a belt, or earrings can make the outfit complete.


Attention To Detail 

When we begin to accessorize, we appear as people who care about attention to detail. By choosing nice jewelry or cute, colorful socks for women, there is also an element of appreciation for the small things. When we begin wearing accessories it also becomes a part of our style. The small details might be subtle, but they tie the outfit together.

Expression Of Your Personal Style

The reason why many people like to wear accessories is also because it is an exploration of our personal style. There are brands like Dolce & Gabbana that encourage diversity on the runway, and in some ways, the diversity can also be transferred to our personal style. By adding accessories we stand out from others. Some like to over-accessorize, which essentially means stacking lots of jewelry. But others just like to add a little piece, which becomes the cherry on top. Whichever way you like to style your accessories, you can explore your style this way.

Give Life To Old Clothes

In the U.S., the average citizen throws away about 37 kg of clothes every year. Our clothes consumption is through the roof as we buy new pieces of clothing every year. And since much of it is thrown away, it seems like a big waste. Sometimes the clothes are thrown away because there are rips and holes. But sometimes perfectly fine clothing is thrown away. When we buy new clothes, it is often because we can’t seem to find anything to wear. 


But very often, we do have a lot of clothes to wear. We just don’t know how to wear it. This is where accessories come into effect. When you choose a belt to wear with different jeans or throw on a necklace on a T-shirt, it can truly elevate the outfit. 

Amplifies A Simple Outfit 

Accessories are expressions. Sometimes we might wear a nice outfit that just needs that extra something. Instead of adding a blazer or a jacket to the outfit, we can choose to wear accessories. For example, you can repeat your outfit, if you choose to wear a hat with it one day and choose to wear another pair of shoes the next day. This way your outfits won’t look boring.

How To Accessorize

Accessories are all about versatility. Therefore, there aren’t any rules on how you should accessories. But if you are new to accessorizing, there are some useful tips. Firstly, you need to choose the type of accessory. If it’s jewelry, you can choose a necklace, earrings, and rings as a start. If you want to further, you can put pins and combs in your hair. As the finishing touch, you can add a belt to your jeans or skirt. 



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  • It really does put together a look when you accessorize. I should think about being better with accessories for my work outfits.


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