Virtual Reality Dating Facilitating Real-World Love

Well if the internet has not left you in awe yet, brace for what is coming. With the metaverse and other AI options well underway, there are limitless possibilities as far as personal growth is concerned. With that being said, the dating world cannot be left far behind. This is where metaverse and virtual reality dating comes in. The internet domain as we know it has seen major transitions over the past few decades.

There are now provisions to chat away using video and photo sharing. Some users capitalize on live streaming their conversations or clips for faster connections. It is these advances that kept us busy during the 21st century. Enter the world of virtual reality and its advantages. Those who never had chances at true love or anything close might have an advantage.


Dating in VR and Transitioning to Real Love

The Metaverse and virtual reality dating superficially take place. This is true in the case of representation. Many users apply avatars and aliases to feel different. These are the pros of using virtual reality for dating purposes. Other apps like a mail-order bride site offer photo and video sharing. These, are not the same as virtual reality dating.

What to Expect with VR Dating

  • You can be whoever you want to be. It means most users might be shy in the real world and still find it difficult to use online apps. However, virtual reality dating lets you set the standard. Most users will set an avatar representing who they feel they should be. It brings them out of their shell so to speak.
  • Even a crippled user can enjoy the feeling of being real – somewhat. This is due to the metaverse offering you a chance at using avatars et al. One can have a full torso and ligaments and enjoy performing certain acts they never could without avatars.
  • Virtual reality involves conversations in real-time. It means unlike your dating app, there is the added advantage of having a date in real-time, with instant replies as you would on a real date.
  • This form of relationship significantly reduces social anxiety associated with normal or physical dating. Breaking the ice is also remarkably easier. If you’ve had issues with physical attributes or even facial features, you can change most of these using metaverse avatars and the like.
  • Those in the LGBTQ community will agree that virtual reality could be a haven for them. Imagine the anxiety and fear revolving around coming out of the closet or indeed going on that first date. Virtual reality could essentially bring those stress levels down to zero.

Cons of Virtual Dating

Even as we enjoy such possibilities, it is important to note the disadvantages. One gets too accustomed to such dating methods and never goes back to real-world dating again. The idea is to use virtual reality dating to facilitate real-world love; not replace it.

Too much superficiality makes for less authenticity. When indeed you manage to meet this potential love of your life, they may be hugely disappointed. Lastly, and of greater disappointment is the fact you won’t have physical contact like kissing, hugging, and the like. Meeting as an avatar is great but if you cannot meet, greet and hug, it might lead to misery.

Bottom Line

While there are advantages for dating to all platforms including social media, dating apps, and in this case the metaverse, disadvantages are plentiful too. Choosing what works for you might be harder than you think. A cripple might not have too many choices as far as using apps, and thus avatars work best. However, the cons need to be considered because they can leave you feeling emptier than you did prior.


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