When to Get a Matchmaker

Nowadays, the dating trend can be summarized like this: they match, they have an exciting first conversation, they move the conversation to a messaging app, they talk daily, they have a first date, they talk less, then nothing. When the other disappears, the cycle starts again. Such is the life brought by online dating apps.

The beginning is pretty exciting until you get sick of the cycle. You delete the app. Download it again when the months get colder. At first, you might believe that online dating requires less of your time, that it is the solution to finding a partner amidst your busy life. But when you add all of your failed attempts, online dating takes so much of your time- with zero returns. Plus, it is emotionally exhausting to repeatedly get to know people, only to be proven that you are not on the same page.

Instead, you can see a matchmaker in Houston who creates connections based on their passions, interests, and goals. Unlike dating apps, you’ll get to have a professional who will filter the choices for you.

If you’re still unsure of getting a matchmaker, here is a list of qualifications to know when to get one:

  1. If you’re a catch.

There is this misconception in which undesirable men are the only ones who hire a matchmaker to get a wife. That is not true. A matchmaking pool is composed of people who want to date someone who has the same economic and social background. You don’t have to waste your time trying to know if someone only wants you for the lifestyle you can offer. They are living it, too! For sure, you’ll meet someone as successful, driven, and attractive as you are.

2. If you want to settle down.

Not all people who date want to settle down. Sometimes, they want to have fun. It will take too long if you allow yourself to meet someone organically if you continue to wait for someone to notice your charming self. And when someone comes, you won’t even be sure if they want to get married or have kids. With a matchmaker, you’ll be paired with like-minded people who want the same thing as you do.

3. If your time is important.

Having a matchmaker means the person you’ll be paired with has been assessed already. You don’t have to tread your way towards the bunch of single people out there to know who is bound to be the best match for you. Someone else will do it for you. All you need to do is to impress and be impressed.

4. If you don’t like going out just to meet a potential partner.

Perhaps, the reason why you haven’t met someone yet is that you do not like the idea of hitting on someone. If you’re reserved or shy, a matchmaker can pave the way for you to meet someone in a more intimate setting.

When your life demands your utmost attention, there should be at least one aspect that is settled. This could be your job or relationship. If you are at the peak of your career and relationship is the only element that is missing, it’s best to acquire professional help in finding your perfect match.



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